Come Mystery To Me

October 28, 2017

Come mystery, and be to me a good and honest friend,

Impart here an allottment, string your solemn alembic strands

Wind rolled up mists of circumstance which twitched, bewitch with glamours

Carry your feet apace here, I would your untaught enamours

Along the moonlit paths half covered over lights play splash

On leafy clothings stipple, rippling swathes of neat panache

Their sounds in circles rush in send assent’s petitions plucking

Out those who deem you wondrous; by supersensual cherry picking

Yet natural you are and with us wear through absent days

Your signs adjunct swear majesty, pass muster heaven’s assays

Going out as mirth possessed a banging shaking clashing bronze

To move us every heart, and every conscious temple cleanse

Your worth, your birth, proclaiming, speaks advertently your name,

But does not drag it under, O, life giver over techno-gains

A stream which breathes existence, serves enamours, works us play

Its carded skeins a repertoire presents magic display

Anon our mortal circle throws fit invitations all away

They cannot hear you feel you; are time’s redactors, underplay

To backwardness all inkling, repressing fervent flight flung wings

God’s life’s a board abundant; whets the appetite hope bring