November 28, 2020

I’m not one for giving credence to organised, premeditated plans of global scope. For a start the organisational skills of our international bodies (The UN, IMF, International Criminal Courts) have been shown very clearly historically to be not up to the full projected conceptions as hoped for at their inception.

Why should a global organisation which is clandestine and ‘underground’ work any better than the levels these organisations have had to accept as being the best practically available but yet still not greatly satisfactory?

Besides this objection, there is the objection of duration. The present mess of the world has been more than a lifetime’s work for any band of men and women who in any way might have got together and tried to influence its direction and scope and goals.

The conspiracists say here that the ‘controlling faction’ comprises families who are in fact dynasties and whose aims are thus passed to the following generations, to their sons and daughters, in their mothers’ milk and as their fathers’ babytalk.

This line taken by the conspiracists is sound. One has the Houses of British and other Royalty; The Plantagenets, The Tudors; The Stuarts, as replete examples of how such a dynasty does and can exist, having a primary aim and goal to reign as long as the House or Family is able to manipulate things so that it does reign. And further, the lengths gone to and the atrocities which such a House commits in order for it to stay reigning, knows no pity nor bounds in extent outrage and abhorrence.

This is the ugly realpolitik of secular power struggles throughout history – in Athens and Sparta, in Rome, in Assyria, China, Russia, The USA, South America, everywhere.

The successful heir upon accession to rulership has a first duty to her or himself to nullify all the probable and possible competitors around him or her, which rivalry includes siblings, and regents, mothers, fathers, anyone; no one is spared

Usually we read that it was a straightforward purge in which they are all assassinated. No messing.

Today in a seemingly milk and water way we do things less blatantly, but to as good effect.

The recent sacking by Keir Starmer of Rebecca Long-Bailey can be seen and interpreted under this light.

In our times we have a watchdog media able and willing to drive in the nails, put the blackening final touches to the reputation and chances of anyone in public life whom their fancy takes, or is it perhaps done by way of a directive from the barons who own or run, and direct the content of these media? Recall how this heavy wielding of power was exemplified in an anomalous exception which proves the rule – I speak of Rebekah Brooks.

For our society it is not ‘sawing a person’s legs off’; it is something far less melodramatic. Go through the due process, be seen to be in all things respectful of the law and the constitution, only use whatever it takes, but nothing in the public eye, to have the deal go your way.

And so without doubt there is corruption going on; even when the corruption is no more than a fiercely passionate ungoverned will in a magnate or in a wealthy and/or powerful person of eminence, stopping at nothing, so far as public opinion will not be drawn, and so to achieve an action or judgement without excuse or foundation.

Plato wrote about this outlook on life, terming its adherents people who aim at ‘making the weaker argument defeat the stronger’ and he describes the theory of justice which simply and beligerently claims that ‘might is right’. So it’s nothing new.

So we have established I think by now that there are ungoverned, ungovernable, intemperate fiercely powerful stop at nothing wills in this world who are happy to do whatever evil it takes to get their ways. But why should they come together and form a single alliance which aims collectively to ‘rule the world’?

Can such a menagerie of individuals, each being of unmanaged, unmanageable, will to power, and will to evil for power’s sake – is such a bunch likely to drawn in their horns for the sake of such a common goal?

The turf wars of Mafiosi and of South London Gangs, and so on, are illustrative here, but these gangs are on the diametric pole to the thugs who form part of The Establishment. Nonetheless one sees alliances made and broken, peace outbreaking, as well as wars between them, happening over a course of time.

The important thing to note is that these alliances don’t last. Either the interests of one party change so as to make less attractive an alliance presently in place; or maybe one party offends the other, pulls a fast one, breaks trust with, or dishonours another; a mixture of reasons and more; but the alliances break as often as they are made.

This again is the fruit and the fortunes of these thugs having employed, continuing to employ, a realpolitik. Because once events change, attitudes of necessity must follow suit, and it thus becomes incumbent in the policy of realpolitik that one’s own position should adjust and accommodate to any change. They call it ‘pragmatism’ and say it is a virtue

The guiding principle for adjustments is sheer self interest, often raw unashamed and blatant self interest; sometimes the more obviously the self interest is achieved, the adjustment is considered all the better. This self-interest policy is the guiding star of most nations’ foreign policy – certainly of Britain’s and The USA’s.

This brings me to politics, which operates necessarily under the same rules and circumstances as do other large domineering wealthy and powerful organisations; under realpolitik. You may baulk at the word ‘domineering’ but our government – as it has been made plain and obvious by the measures now in place during this fiasco of a so-called ‘pandemic’ - has and has used shamefully its powers over us and with a high hand. Police stopping traffic quizzing drivers on travel reasons; turning lone bathers off the beach; the fines citizens have paid for having driven somewhere not on the list. Breaking up barbecues and parties. And with government authority behind all this intrusion.

I don’t want to get bogged down here with this issue. I will say however that the case has not been made by anybody in authority as to why such a Draconian response has been felt to be warranted as response to this level of threat we are assured we are exposed to. Wall-to-wall media coverage; a new scare story every day almost – a second wave; after-effects in patients of the virus – mutation of the virus - and the perennial ‘things will never be the same again’ drone, and its many permutations. One cannot but think that the Jeremiahs are being paid quite nicely for their alembic prognostications? The media certainly relish the selling-power of scare stories.

Politics is more than ever perhaps a shambles. How anyone is able to keep a wheel on the ship of state from veering this way and that, given the turnarounds, the mistakes, the misnomers, non sequiturs, the sheer levels of incompetence and of petty internal quarrelling we witness daily, let alone them help fulfill any conspiracy of world domination of any kind - is sheer tragicomedy to contemplate.

Today there a was a story published that the new space satellites ordered by our ministries for use in G5 technology ‘were the wrong ones’ to those which would have done the task. This may be media bitching – I don’t know – but however one interprets it, it is as a story a sign of the times. Misinformation, but from whom? In our times it’s a story just as likely to come from persons in the party of government itself, as from an Official Opposition, or from a maverick lone wolf etc.

Let’s put my position on conspiracy like this: yes it is an attractive concept, both to observers looking for it and wanting to beat the drum against it; as it is to those in power who would gladly sign up and aim at that target were such a plan looking viable to come past their desks. However because of that very ‘lust’ for yet more power, for yet more scope within which to range through the lives of their peoples interfering, popping their giant egos and wills into places they cannot presently access; that same very motivator and driver in them is the very same reason why they shall never be able to realise these pipe dreams of World Domination.

I make one proviso – unless there is someone among them devilish enough, maybe Satan himself, who is capable of convincing his band of cronies that the party is really on; and then once arrived he or she will like the old Assyrians and Egyptian kings and queens, have them all slain brutally as a warning to others not to try to rival or to mess with ME. But perhaps to do this would require some superhuman supernatural effort and personage?

Those who might entertain an idea of A World State being possible or likely, and being run by an oligarchy or plutocracy; both those who are aspirants to be a part of such an oligarchy etc, as well as those who oppose one but whose conspiracy ideas tell them one may be coming; in the present age these types look to technology and automation and AI and all these kinds of things as the great game changing factors for the arrival of a World Domination League (E.L.Wistey)

One sees on shows on TV, especially in US dramas and movies of crime, and of military action, how often the myth of omniscience, and following from that, of omnipotence, is seen to be in the scope of the generals and of the police chiefs, and is upheld by an assumed backdrop of a technological civilisation.

Huge video screens at the back of the film set showing lit and moving points being indicators of every move made by, the progress of, every baddie in every county in a given Federal state. You know what I mean.

But as for we mere mortals, dynasties or no dynasties, plots or no plots for A World State, howsoever large and violent the will and desire and ego for power might be in any of us, we shall fail to see A World State.

This opinion of mine if it is correct of course will open a way for The Kingdom of Heaven on earth to become more clearly viable, since only One Made Perfect Through Suffering, for whom self and self-interest is wholly contrary to their Person and their Being, and who is without renegade ego and will to power; only such a Person might be able to, let alone be entitled to, bring in and head up a Kingdom of God on earth for us all. And then we are truly free and have no Big Brothers breathing down our necks and dishing out propagandas as news so as to manipulate, placate, and pacify us.

This ego and will and ungovernable appetite exercised in the shape of men and women wielding gross violent means to power; this is its own downfall. It is a logical and incontrovertible fact that a person unable to get any measure of control over her/his own self – will - ego – appetite – ruthless violent must-have – can never fulfil any strategy which requires organised means – the more complex, the more there is to organise, and the lesser the capacity to be found in such people.

When a person is at war with their own wrath and frustrations, desires and urges, and, as it always does, the intransigence inherent in actuality causes delays or wrong turnings, unforeseen unpalatable outcomes – as anyone who has planned anything knows – there can be no temperance, no measured responses from that wayward violent person, only responses more or less reactive and fired off for reasons which skew awry from, and which often act to undermine, the original aims and goals. A distraction is likely to become a main concern, suddenly to rise up the agenda, but not on a basis of need, rather on a basis of vengeance, or overreaction, rage, or impulse

The marchen tale of Rumplestiltskin is a profound exemplar of this kind of person in this kind of situation. He who gives the gift of spinning gold to a woman in return for possession her firstborn child – unless she can guess his name.

By good fortune or by Divine Providence, his name – which otherwise would have been next to impossible to have known – is revealed to her, and the evil Rumpelstiltskin becomes so wildly enraged, so thwarted and out of control that the marchen ends by telling us that ‘he tore himself to pieces’.

There is another marchen tale which is pertinent here also. It is the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes. A vainglorious Emperor enjoys greatly showing off himself publicly in fancy outfits. A tailor comes to him and offers him the best suit of clothes ever. The Emperor seizes the offer. The tailor delivers to him what he terms a suit of clothes not able to be seen by foolish people.

Not to appear foolish the Emperor, who in fact sees nothing, for nothing has been tailored, accepts ‘the suit’ and parades in public naked. The people, unwiling to risk his wrath, cheer and compliment him, until a small child blurts out; “The Emperor is naked!” whereupon the whole charade is admitted by everyone to their shames and embarrassment.

As The Bible says: “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength”

The desperate need of those who rule over us, and of those who have a reputation or a large investment interest in an organisation or a plan; these people feel frequently that they need to protect their interests, and so as to do this they are happy to be deflected from a true course of action which might have the desired and best effects, and into a course of action which has them attempting to convince their spheres of influence that ‘black is white’ (so to speak).

Close by the narratives of The Emperor’s New Clothes and Rumpelstiltskin is that narrative of George Orwell’s to be found in his essay titled Shooting an Elephant. In the story Orwell tells how he as a Police Officer in the Colonial Service in Burma, was called on one day to deal with an incident where a working elephant had gone ‘must’, - a short fit of wild behaviour common in elephants – and had done some damage.

Orwell as an Officer was the only ‘law’ for miles around; and he was being expected by a huge crowd that had gathered, to sort the situation out. As a badge of authority he took with him his rifle. By the time he got there the elephant was calm and tractable again and once again useful for the logging work it normally carried out

Orwell was acutely aware that the people were awaiting him, expecting something from him; that he as ‘the law’ was being demanded, silently and psychologically, by them to demonstrate that fact firmly and definitively. He found the situation to be, this is my own parallelism not Orwells’, as was Pontius Pilate’s situation before the crowd baying at him for the crucifixion of The Lord Jesus.

Orwell saw no useful purpose in shooting the elephant, but he decided that he had to do it so as to satisfy the expectations of the crowds, and so imprint on their minds by the spectacle his indelible authority. Otherwise Orwell feared, there would be a disturbance and his authority gone.

Here we have a situation where one might say ‘the tail is wagging the dog’ - where he who is in-charge is constrained, compelled, by his role as ‘the law’, by the demands of his office and by the insurgent common will of a crowd, to do something useless, waste a valuable working animal shot dead; merely for him to be seen to be ‘in-charge’. Ironically, it is the crowd which governs his action of killing the elephant; done so to prove to them that he, Orwell is in-charge. Orwell is forced to do the will of the people – a contradictory situation!

Why all these stories? Because they reveal the nature of political power. Because they shed huge light of day upon the present actions of the government here and governments across the world; especially so in their responses to a virus which I do believe historically will be seen to be, to have been, not as dangerous as seasonal flu.

(I have to write this next item in parenthesis here because I know people reading this are some of them going to get me wrong and read me as being callous and unfeeling about the deaths from the virus. What I have written is nothing to do with the fatalities, which are out of my hands. I cannot have added nor add nor take away from their number by having written down my thoughts here. Am I to be silenced because what I am saying is not palatable to you, even though it is viable and very possible and not offensive in itself? I am old. I am over 70. I have had the virus myself and several other nasty viruses in the past three years on my chest. I am exposed medically compared to most of you reading this, but still I am not going to deny what I firmly believe is the truth, so as to be able to claim credit for having had the virus, and suffered; and so aim to avoid you bringing down on my head your supposed debit of my writing here having ‘vilified’ the virus and its victims. I have a few years left to live. I am thoughtful and sometimes a little perturbed at this thought. I may have less time – at this age who knows? So there’s no gloating by me nor is there insensitivity about what I am writing here. There’s nothing to be gained by any of that – no extra time or second chances. These persons who have died and who are continuing to die of the effects of the virus, as the saying goes, ‘have paid their last debt’ to nature – and that is sad, unfortunate but who amongst us might escape their fate, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe in 50 years time? Don’t hang me over a wish in yourself to show ‘solidarity’ and ‘muscle’)

The virus is The Emperor’s New Clothes and the governmental response has been the Shooting of the Elephant. This is the nature of temporal power; one has to be seen to be doing something even when there is no need, or else when there is nothing efficacious to be done. Think this through in your head. What would it have looked like had the government said something like: ‘this will pass and take its natural course and be no worse than seasonal flu’? How would the people have taken such ‘news’? After all the hype about how bad China has been in allowing this virus to have arisen (??)!

The politics of China and The West had called for, still calls for, antagonism and opposition, a turf war of propaganda and counter-propaganda being a large part of this. How might a Western government keep its foreign policy in place, given that enmity in it which barracks and derides China, and yet have allowed at the same time that this virus was not a bigger threat than I believe it is. This virus has been, among many other opportune deeds and events. a useful stick with which to beat China; as well as it being used for beating many other enemies and items non grata.

Indeed the set of precautionary actions actually put in place by our government, in part may well have been decided upon as a result of that same government having become the dupe of its own and other nations’ propaganda, especially that propaganda about the political situation and China? The Emperor's New Clothes. Use of the threat but unduly magnified and as posed by the virus as a political weapon

The Psalms again:

Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?

The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together,

against the LORD and against His Anointed One:

Before I close this essay I want to say a few words about how evil destroys itself and about how out of evil God makes good to arise. This may sound ‘pie in the sky’ to you, but you must know by now that I am not a ‘head in the clouds’ person but that my vision of the world of men and women is dark and murky, not unrealistic.

Just as the ungovernable man or woman of power and influence is like Rumplestiltskin, likely to ‘tear herself/himself to pieces’; so too do evil thoughts and deeds, carried out by all and any organization, tend to tear apart that organisation. For the same reasons too. Evil in one of its more important aspects is a state of disharmony; and disharmony when unchecked increases over time and activity, one might call it entropy, so that the inevitable outcome is always dissolution.

The beauty and truth of Christ in one important aspect is that of harmony; harmony which his earthy life, his works, words, and mission combine so as to prove and example. That ‘peace that passeth understanding’ which God promises to bestow upon men and women is only possible because all which Christ is and does is harmonious in every way.

Contrary to evil and its propagation destroying itself, Christ’s love, for love is the ultimate state of harmony, propagates itself ever more widely and deeply and its ’kingdom has no end’. The goods and services of love are non material in essence, although they can be expressed via material means, and their immaterial divine status allows them to propagate endlessly without let or hindrance, so that as they grow the spheres of evil are absorbed and transformed into love and peace and goodness by way of the divine Grace of God.

This is a sound statement of the way things are – really, truly.

As The Bible says:

“This is a trustworthy saying. And I want you to stress these things, so that those who have trusted in God may be careful to devote themselves to doing what is good. These things are excellent and profitable for everyone.”