Data Day

June 09, 2021

“And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it”

Dust lifted up spreads, blooms, a cloud on visibility

The ponderers of speculation dally. Add in admixture

Of fear.

The peers of possession proud allow elect prowess;

Are sensitives to inference abides in cute remarks

Here these assessors gather day on day and talking through

Smithereens of processed textured nested information

Hear what prevents fleet thought endue the elegant mind

Stir-up a stimulation peroration simulation

Amongst their rousing witnesses

The aim to mess; and make second-guess on broader nature

Across the fosse, on level plains are rival cities built

On silts deposited as proofs against millennia

Compacted that men should not know; only endeavour:

A comprehensive revelation of their Odyssey

Down mountain; into valley; rolling on the turbulence wave

Stayed time a little here; upstream disposed; an aeon later

Along anon, so to become a couch that cofts their city

Conglomeration mayhem-swept, of populations dizzy

Far-gone on home-grown busyness, inside the cellphone whale

Concealed, congealed, absorbed, rapt inwardly...

Of such importance

Co-opposites, their rivals in affairs

Complete the pairs, share oppositions’ needs, en-suite survive

Connected twins; one thrives, the other cannot ail

Dependency is solved on mutual dialectic

The froths, the hests, the smokes, the obfuscations hectic

Bloom as a plume that makes their nonsenses elective

Purporting purpose; a vast transporting circus

The undertakers of all teleology

Here hears one too much masticated speech

News-cover chewed over; data vitiated, violated

Forcing of sourcing spins bumbaste in bins too full

A wrench of intent adjointures weapons bent on battle

So contraries in foes; the prize a novel

With narrative declaims the future lies this way

Spectacular awful forecasts morph to lawful broadcasting

Repartee for the day

Stronghold constructs of sands built on compacted clay;

Great was the fall of that house when the winds and weather blew