Difference, Diversity, Inclusiveness

March 03, 2021

There are wondrousness of things in the wide world

Recitals of a great diversity

Everywhere difference, every state and change,

Passing from one to one and so forever passing strange

Riots of mixtured and collateral things

Birdsong and briars, prickle thorns and wings,

Incisors, molars, corrugated teeth,

Elbows and femurs, hanging flowers that sweetly weep

Hydrangeas, pink and purple, or of blue

Wind-hover insects, catalogues of hue

Reindeer and buffalo, snowdrops, a mottled rose

Nature in all her gaudy dancing clothes

Listing the pickle ingredients is the humane desire

What constitutes with ice, and what with clinging fire

Where in the calibred components of the storied classes

To what degree, and what the designation matters

Forms, figures, connotations, finishings

Stack in a rack which caches opportunity

With allocation; information nodes

Render us up considerations; subcutaneous feeds

Mustering order, separating fact,

The maintenance of the world on our collective backs

A cluster of incidence, a suzerain of trends

Measures and tools by which we close our special ends

A mainframe arrangement, pendant-hung society

Subsists, ingests, synapses on communication

Made perfect, as far as tacit estimations wanting might,

By compass of consent on vested common principals

All mensuration, cataloguing, demarcation,

Tab difference in its manifested gallimaufry

As use hadron colliders, five star hotel laundries

And counts of days until the cricket starts

In daily cooking, in nightly sleeping doses

On holidays in-flight, for finding crossing places

Everywhere taking stock and making orientation

A weathercock by which we grade by calibration

The bare intractable wayward material sphere

Where access, touch, and injury await always undone

That froward things should happen, the fecklessness of possibility,

Which does occur, most unexpectedly, beware

But also moot and immaterial spheres – thoughts, agitations, pain,

Joys, and rejoicing, harmonies, assorted legerdemains

That province of the mind, likely beyond also,

In extramural realms where moderns fear to go

These fey ethereal places have their standards and their shapes

We live within them, to the liquid dusky taste of grapes,

Our harvest, being of spiritual bread, some is resown,

Commensurate experience, as present light and shown

For down the road tomorrows, in the next context

The following concern, as eyes that save our necks

When rods of sudden change are raging; heretofore

The storm being calm, and sunlight shodding gladly wore

The beat without retreat, but now a morsel grain has grown

Of something new, an odd purlieu not formerly foreseen

That scion of the iron clad, experience, is keen

And sieves that past, the scrying glass of aftertimes beseems

And prescient, commands to stand inordinate demand

A difference bringing newness giving coteries alarms

Which advocate to eident minds a cue to take up hand

To measure order, shape prognosis, hope’s best artisans

In fictions different dictions work out cardio-protocols

The attendant mind to another order steps pre-set

A revenue of value, of what’s due, is acted, honing

Applied to sympathies for succours otherwise

All hail, the heroine, a risker of her little life,

The nation needs her, daughter come you forward

Alone or in command, she lets all fly; high pandemonium;

By concert thought and action quells a devil’s hornet’s nest

The pheromones of virtue ooze a native treat

Restore, recover; break against a new-found day

The storm laid adequately, and the format satisfied

With every springe uplevered, every loose connection tied

A loitered voyager walks away, assays a bleaker world

The seams and stitches picked and faded, patches dyed

Unsatisfactorily, make-up a rank aesthetic junk

The humdrum of the days no odour for a theatre

Lost voices, cases, causes, empty hopes, evaded plans

Absences here, and lack of fire, about-face, then again,

Compound conundrum chaos, and nowhere a wink

Of structure but that vesture, texture, of considered mind

That Operating System seeding reason’s sprigs of thyme.

Unhook it, catapault it, by discourse assault engines

Release, defray, a cruse of empty wine, compacting nothing

Forsake the skins of old, untold despair and laughing

Complaint advancing, leaves white-water rafting

Extreme resorts foregathered to the lame

Ferocious bedlam comets stalk the timid tame

Disdain and horrors dolorous obtain

An eminent island letting go, of Moses, Canterbury,

The anxious powers which civil war furores endued

A line in serpentine since romance first began

Of Hectors, Rolands, Troubadours; the splendid sum

Of common audience, uncommon vigour

A genealogy of ornamental figures

Of use, much use, containers for our goods,

Those muscled architects for builded words

Whose wonders thunderstruck, not to be seen

Once in a generation, apropos machines

Not to be seen at all; their signets surely painted

In beauteous colours; arguments and manners

Integrity millennia-made, a formulation

Inveterate with turbulence of robbed divine

Cognisant depredations, sweet as Cana’s wedding wine

Allowed by royal privilege, not in argot worlds defined

By Fly Cathay, or Apple, inter alia

The Premier League or anabolic steroids

By bottled beers and famous branded underwears

The high-notes of a cataleptic somnolence

A creature cosmonaut-type culture, astronomic,

Tap root in olden Galilee, a cross stamped on it,

Where sense was meant in sentences replete, euphonic

And art and learning done despite, beside, bubonic

Late visitations; by courage-armed irene,

Commiseration pours on sore infested caterpillars

As are mankind; did bind, despite of chilly shiver

As death’s cold breath remorselessly ingathers

Its vestiges remain; it is the candid call of Christ

Suffused, suffuses, doctors, nurses, inward-givers

Despite the trite-tipped might of poison-arrow quivers,

Imposing grandeurs glozing, flying Cassandra rules

The compostors of value, and incinerator Goths

Who trample Sowers’ seeds, soil Yeats’ dearest golden cloths;

Whose camerata schemes aggrandise narratives and memes

As assets to destroy by virulent acrimonies

The Sacred Laws of Heaven have not brought a peace on earth

Think only life without them, decency in leanest dearth

Think no civilisation, absolute abject dismay

No unction in extremis; consolation - well-a-way!

Their stair is here; their steps appear unbidden,

The anguish of a soul is call enough; a driven

Cataract, on-the-rack, and petulant, catastrophe,

The rigours of the Cross reverberate, that peace supplies

The children of mankind incline to obviate

Messiah’s teachings, parables, commandments

Being marvellous impediments to polite advancement

Our flaws the cause of wars, for petty scores, our ointment

Providence has provided, Christ the Lord has sorted, claimed,

Excuse for omnibus with reservation seating plus

This prophesy, a promise like big bankers’ never can go bust

Nor moulder up in attics, in wintry exposed places rust

It’s there regardless, lives embossed, embodied as a Person

Despite what lifestyle choice you make, gender or other version;

Cannot be wiped, no matter how hard, loudly, larded

Inquisitors with tortured words incise and clout about it

Inquisitors with scymitars as keyboards cannot do without it

The Lord, He is their Word, their breath of life Appointed,

Only to know, they may, perhaps one day, the unkept secret

When hairs like snow disbind, once debonair, now threadbare, theses

And readying to go we look around to stare where peace is

The only bestowed commodity and our general release is

His feet, how beautiful, are in bringing in, the great good news

And how we long to follow, borrow Him, His shoes