Doulos apo Christou

April 12, 2019

Freely, do a wheelie, on a song bee, in the mind

Predicate a room, for a new broom, an avocation in the will

And grace of trust asks us sweet tasks a grateful life to fill;

For your commission lives-in, with collision, a wideworld serpentine

Nor by decision in brusque derision make debate, delay,

Be brisk; debase noway not least slightest permission, pray

A servant be your soul, its fire a love, a living passion,

Opened to choice, though a still small voice provides appoints and fashions

Sought for, the straight path, level ground pursuing

Fought for the marguerite of price, anon another’s wooing

Journeymen, workingwomen, form his Provident dithyramb

Attendant obedient listening for The Creator’s saraband

The Lord of the Dance advancing Heaven’s kingdom by his themes

And you a piano note or triplet, augmenting his means

Are easy-agreed, conformable, as much as is ‘of course’

Keeping the keys of liberty, but enclosured as of choice

The remaindered shifts are shards of opportune diversity

Scattered and widespread here and there wrapped up in world

In packagings and gift wraps, little bows and glistening spurs,

Things being whim-picks, shopping hauls; or led all-night in bars

As under-counter contrabands, clandestine imitations,

Like as does explanation hint excuse in its broad wake

Or offered up self-righteousness brings debacle, and night

These, our displacement venues, hold false flags in vase which leaks

Bought branded and at cost not lost on reconsideration

Sub-standard goods, white-rabbit-holes, proliferating in

World’s vacuous amenity, of profligate contagion,

Where treacle-wells exasperate, curate no praise collegium,

Parking lots shoulder vehicles, standing emptied overnights

Taking up natural spaces which had daisies else and oaks,

Call this a dead place, in dead time, a necessary blank,

Marvins on Mars likewise we’re parked, docked, dissipating prime

And then when, dark erased, the blooming sun erupts elating

Breaking to us new day, and winning hope from cheer comes-in

Cares having wound dire canards, show sooth-bards deemed now relapsing;

Stacked avatars on Mars, all dight with stars, perk-up, away!

Brewed doubts redacting