Drowning in Facebook

January 17, 2020

How might a person deal with themselves?

How do we manage?

No-go no-quarter quarrels over boarder skirmishes

Elbows insides

Enters interrogations interpolating what went on

Networking interactions in the mythic regions

That, that curdled curled-up little passion, fatal foetal manner

Sends, springs quick with response

Zooms the assumed position, bringing in singing a victim's throat

Sin-reeling blood-lust

In equal total halo mode and prelude to attacking

Per ounce, per urn,

Together we make up three, then four, five, six, and more, and more

Will burn the whole earth down

Zeal tears a town, a city, population, world,

Prehensile counsels, feral, reptile, digitally-loaded

Wind round our wires on stringed desires glad from a smart

Delight the bites of barbs

A wonder not so many murders wars.

Great elemental alimentary knots, internal rage

Quick turnarounds in griefs, no buys for agenbyte

Glees howl at prowl, the gambolling rottweiler

Needs handling and its dinner

To stand handsome right-assured of steak of umbrage


The certainty in egotism chafing selfhood

Conviction to infliction of the pride upon the will

Here ye behold yourself as smitten, bitten, by the harm

There it unfolds - no-one intended – all's invented – ha!

Sooth, set afire the ire impending still, t'would still instil

A cool small smoothie juicings in transported subterfuge

But I farce myself to false myself for good form's sake

Drawn down on long ill-wrath mistaken, dandles pastime grace

How we do manage things so very badly?

Remainders, untruthful to ourselves before all others

The admission's taboo to inner-sanctum's proud self-image

Those plenipotentiary gods of foolery we use and are:

Alas! Cry! Mea culpa, mea culpa! Ah!

White quaint restrain of sainthood selves unfold no answer

Being fall guys to the opportune ballplayer-chancer;

Gravely benumbed to tempter-offender intemperate parts

Flaunters saunt largess of ego so go opening out a ruse

Pour out a generosity of pompousness

Urging direct-hit pot-shots at 'Our Lord-like' impositions

Point-blank; detective TV shows they like to call it

Kindness is clear to madness near allied - a saying true

When to oneself a wealth of basking becomes the due

Most of our days and business we don't have a clue

Play-acting downfalls teach downfall to hit the beach

Better to man the walls and fire at will your heart's desire

Than make up with plaster idols, in one's image to do faith

But better above all, above all rascal tasteful glamour

Beyond the world's obtainables, if can be had at all,

By prayer and fasting, bewailing, abject gnashing teeth

Yea, put His Person forward to the life and so belief

Impacts that takes all knocks full-whack upon the nose

Skills, failure, loss of face, fool fear, cast out in covenant

Not wanting, asking, aching something from the self's conflicts

A self conceded, as are other parties commonplace convicts

Tossed in impregnable seclusion, a cellular matrix

Amigos alongside brother, sister, malefactor desperadoes:

Perfecting punishments bring blandishments – no sweat