Ego contra Death

November 21, 2017

Building sandcastles on the beach, the reach

Of tide approaching; time wafts, westers, lightly runs away

Grains in the hourglass finely wetted set, cement together

Adhere in the face of watery bombings spoken of, foretold

Fair fastholds (falsehoods) raised defensive against wide open sea

Claim prospect of forward ground outfacing all even oblivion

Spikes scamper rock pools; clamber, stagger, unpretentious

White waves do dance, enrol their halls, their stools upended

They scatter, besieged, catastrophe-chased occupants

Under the curse of seas take flight, minding for cover

Castles collapse exampling potent gradual dissolutions

Fight sturdily to obtain, discharge, Napoleonic sentence

Their Standards fly stood high and brave and tall: the seas come-in

Impounding shores, sad swirling failing flags unfurled wind waterwheelled away;

Dismay-sent signals ragged; and then roars the ocean’s cause - restored, prevailing

All mortals’ dusts disintegrated, tossed - proclaimed