Fantasia On an Overreacher

December 27, 2020

How can it be elsewise?

Put out the lamps, and then go blindfold

Still take the playtime tail, attach it to the donkey?

Chess or charades, or a round of blind man’s buff

Lay odds, open a book, offer a reckless offer

Give tick - put on the slate

Make wager calculations which by airs you measure

Throw money at, and banter in, consumed profusions

Dress to impress, so gamble, let those sums succumb

Assure yourself that you’re that screwball barracuda

Impresario, desperado, racketeer

Tell yourself that; tell out your stout credentials petulant and loud

Too few to carry through? Then polish to a higher shine

And mention a few names, late paragons; the extra-mile

Claim sham pretentious proofs

You’re lauding up the bandwagon

Embezzling their prize turkey, chancing all on words

Nominate, aggregate, stipulate, stake, remark, adventure

Resort to tissue grandeurs, lard amaze from end to end

That enigmatic magic carpet, roll it out forthwith

In verbs, walk the rhetorical plank, for there is no escape.

The ditch or something other satisfactory; go you, step, and wait

Shanghaied, own-goaled, in pride hung out to dry

Inside belittled; salubriousness clean ravaged clean ,

As if had never been

And comes the village farmer with a Mayday band to cart you

And then come throws

To cheers; rotten tomatoes, pelted eggs; a casserole lost-face

You simper, you expostulate

This Hector he has overchanced his overrated arm

A babbling dancing chanticleer, a common well-know term

The clay you stand up in now cakes and slips, and slops away

Abased and no return; your prepossession cinders

Come, come obscurity; commiserate compunction

Backstairs modest affairs are now your soup on serving plates

Rare mentions tell in passing, masked in mercenary prayers..

Was this the way you wanted?

What powered so, such low desire for more inordinate shares

Than fifteen-minutes interstitial fame;

That overran you, gave you more than comedy deserves

A thirst to stand out so to wow the crowd; seductive

Barefaced wiles

You took a bite sized larger than unlucky stars conspire

A wheen depreciated, raddled,

Your toll a cracked, miscast and brazen imitation knell

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