Fantasia on Potential

June 08, 2020

Changing from chains and ashes in this grisly world

Is as easy as changing buses, in the contrite heart

The amber light of society emits its livid covid glooms

Our present commotions speak with hectic viral tongues

It’s tough: the world is changing as Lord Gandalf yammers

But that was another country: vis – Lord of the Rings

A paper castle rested on a picnic table dreamed

The mock of stock hard headed lectionaries

To stare into a platform borne and worn as an agenda

The circus of the peoples; joke and foible at its core

Allotting divagations opportune that might be run-by:

In such a time a Gandalf needs a handle on the nation

Gandalf the gay who turn to straight by Baurog’s timely death

Frodo, the spider’s dining partner, caught inside the weft

Assuming august function, laid out in his torpid honour

Apocalyptic; pregnant: ah, the horror, horror!

Here’s fortitude and man’s condition tabled; in the chairs

There come in seated sharing victuals gross and debonair

A war machine of Orcs, one regiment become doomladen

Here making the feast on epic hero in their scullery rooms

The hour of change lies in the power of One whose mention

Needs no expression; only that the object lesson should be gained

All Grace shall adopt the persons moved to lead us to our home

Who here in the spirit breathe local air in media rea

Those tasked to inherit as do types in Mystery Plays

A testing Crown of Thorns as on our Saviour’s head arrayed

Passed by descent, commandment, to events, today’s

The landward, the seaborne; those onboard, and on the fence,

All gathered, a people struggling, straddling in the present tense

In the moment, as is urgent, reason shall revive recover

The webbings hedging tethered legs, that cede a feeble quiver:

Goodbye!: as happily that might break which broke by eyeless Samson;

The irons now acquaint rived off so to deliver

Loud aura of corona swathe, the sun in wam effulgence

Revolved involved to move the tools to peoples (not to herds)

Compile meanwhiles agendas (suddenly portentous comets)

The model lives, the Gospel gift, its rose unfolding