Eliot: Formulary

October 04, 2017

There’s crystals

Then there’s muck to build a wall

And then there’s rock as stones and gravels, cumbrous boulders

Whole faces, worlds, and in the stars their fluid counterparts

Gaseous essence of new mucks, new crystal stones,

And portents of the coming time’s new worlds

And then the other way - down where components

Molecular and thereafter atomic

Then sub atomic and what else – some ‘information’

Or process carries on and so substantiates

All things.

And every level differently fare matters, different framed;

The same inscrutable germane gyrations.

Hung upon such declensions and ascensions wears our clout

Of certainty; our ballast scatters wind-blown through such stellar vasts

Down long receding tunnels answering no investigation

Yet funnels draw us in; as speculants

Shored-up assurance swaggers armchair amplitudes

The big-guy’s psyche feeding; he himself no consternation

That rocks or staggers confidence his thoughtless granite chews

There is no quake here likewise able to or comes abreast

Lays bare regressive matters shape this mordant universe

Nor sets to rest pride’s petty sulks on lowly holy prowls;

By whose arts cobble stones are new-turned over.

How might it otherwise compute without dejections

As boys, the Chrismas puzzles done, fret hours for bed

Despair of vast connections bled to finest fractal strands

Remains a better other torque to be discovered

There’s crystals, and they’re marvels, noble currencies of hope

No esoteric dreamer on a heady night might feign

So commonplace embedded. As bade Creation overstrewed

Rich earth as some Egyptian Queen on pageant-holiday

Light, reckless, might have showered rabble multitudes with jewels?