July 30, 2018

It’s Jesus more than anything keeps me looking Forwards, stands me lightsomeness of potent hopes No dope from politicians, rock musicians means A jot at all, nor does the common road Of acquisitions pep me, prop me, not a nanobit

Along the way I know I have the common journey

Yet to show and undergo

Where no hot news or skilful views of scion or in

Season sorts the outcome; I am man as other men,

And women, human, fragile, greatly flawed

My minus points are also scored against this present hope

Of Grace, they take away from heavenwards that

Journey I shall go

But let sufficient, necessary, Jesus act and love

I do believe might shore me over to a better side

Which is not my own will, no, but is Yours

Decides me, makes me forward-reaching takes me out

Each day religiously to tactual reach and go

In what I can, and shine a light, as much

I may of it, in a world where darkness much-

Preferred the stuff of it

And no-one listens, hears, but that God calls

To realise the adverse troubled prayer asking entry

All bearing come unstrung

Ties rearrangements working seams and knitting up

Those troubles not so much resolving as by

Relegation dumping into context minimal against

The brilliant shower of realised total news afresh

As ever in this day as was when preached forever

Peripatetic once on shores of Galilee

On Jordan, Bethlehem, in Idumea fresh

As that one only One who preaches everlasting

Unchanging as the bedrock of His promise

Thus all things, all moves mutable, in bands

Locked tight, must pass until his Kingdom ushers

Pushes in the solid form of life where ever things

Without decay, corruption, chance of interference

Save out a space and tribulation undergoes, gets,

Liberation; and the nations do good honour, service

Adoration; humble as His Crown