Friday 13th

December 19, 2019

For me be witness all the saints of God

Here is a man who’s lightly slighted woman's love

Not once, perhaps, perchance it is his way of life,

A man unequal to love's constancy?

Here is the same, for shame, guest in Myanmar

Delighting on reciting Kipling; his ambassador

Abrupt with chiding remonstrates and shakes with pain

Stings “inappropriate”, but cannot so contain

Bluff, rustic antics on a public dais

All courtesy of welcome unaccepted unashamed

This man of Public Office revelling agawp

At “natives” celebrating in time-honoured guise

A serving Foreign Minister this blubber lump

Our representative, accomplished man of parts

His shame, our shame, his heart considered ours

Stands blandly unrepentant and maintains a farce

Then him again, again in Public Office, broad daylight

Disparaging the Africas, again by pompous sleight

Dismissing “bongo-bongo-land” as of no great regard

A lawbreaker, one found against; a liar in Hansard

And more, a turncoat wastrel; sensitive as anthracite

A temerous bon viveur, a conscience with no agenbyte

His oratory nonsense; and his policy a fright

No sooner is proclaimed than is profaned outright

He laughs, a party-puppet would-be-puppeteer

Deceit deceived; conceit up to the ears

A troll for a wig and stole Establishment

Elected leader; connected super-tramp