Fuzzy Data

November 25, 2019

Poems, prayers, stair assemblages descrying virtual order

(Milton would wash himself, ├ęclair, before the hour preparing

Attempting nightly settlements might 'quit his Lord

And render up fit due)

Poems, psalms, songs; occasion celebration, gone

Unmedicated, warts and all, spent lone disburdenments

Fly-tipping, data-dumping, sorting harvest from laid waste

Filtering, clearing vest confessions, configuring through review

Framing a corporal canto absolutely ransom-wrested

To present oneself as molecule, a chequer piece

Declared inhered to God's side; history's vespers, incantations

Parts of the art and loving order of hopeful heart's persuasions

Cup-bearer, sandal-tyer, doormat, oil-rag - as needs be

Hand-wringer's short remonstrancer, and slapped-down scold for truth

Bricklayer, clerk of works, itinerant soothsayer voice-over

On fardels, words; commensurate husks of undernourished strikes

At human stakes for meaning

The plagueyman rages within the amphitheatre stage and walls

Adding and ever amplifying investigations, curtain calls,

His beguiled are the enthralled, beleaguered; cordoned by a cause

Caught by the very sanction sought; in cold iron-clad rewards

But afloat on a hope sweeps reaper prayer; outwards and outwards widening

Ensembles of voices registering their place of passion's interest

One symphonic arrangement bracelets round - a ring of pearl

Flung flawed, but here's a Lord would choose to scruple honour

To finish that for the trying finishes like Boreal glaze,

Plus ultra adorns undying, a chased and charis-bearing vase