Eliot - Hints and Wrinkles

November 12, 2016

Out of the lift arises up a splendid sun And the morning it is splendid filled with pranked array Small things on flowerlets woken up depending hang and play And no constraint

The front house wall is warming keeping in its heat Cars revving madly clattering run along the peopled street All to the naked ear and eye is ribald brightness sweet And no constraint

Under a gardener’s broken earth obedient Pass chemical natures finding out their preconditioned ways All is offering up a canticle of admiration praise Without a taint

Instinctive creatures forage their patrolling beats The worm who wants for leafmould, and the fox his meat Fair innocent predators uncovering bare unconscious teeth Without a taint

And here are the children loitering onwards, shambling towards school With a ceaseless careless laughter, rare, ebullient, ever playing the fool Employing their loose freedom, whilst not curbed by an adult role Their apples’ debts pristine

Here the worm-in-the-night invisible continues a rude flight And creation is yet groaning awaiting on The Great Author’s light Here’s a world in which we’re subjects of subjection’s easy might Mistakes impending

One generation and then another – and anon forever? Pass down the leash and strap; and doubling up as tether Confining spirit to being; strong, as of indefatigable leather Worn weatherbeaten

And when? - A gilded rainbow banding and the lifted curtain shakes Commanding a view of power this city does not greatly await? A salience evanescent interfolds flecked opal sky Counterfactually

Westerly trend thick centripetal stars Hoverovers of endeavour in the moon’s brittle affairs Importunately surmising on the earth’s celestial estate On our terrestrial wait