Honest Love

May 12, 2018

Here - have a supplement! beef-up your prepossession,

Additive whey; adjusts tres bon the palate, shapes the limb,

Similarly, puts on bulk in scrawny unregarded places

Most fulsomely

Here, in this bowl of tears, wept tokens of Passion Friday,

Crush signifying roses, red and bruised, blood-clotted blots

Dropped from the cross, Our Lord’s self-offering, rude deadweight hangs leaning:

Sublime the pain

To a mix, and to a fix; its rush flows gushing, blows all standing-ground

A sedative and a counterpane; in semblance of ensemble

Somatic ghosts involve in posthumous pantomime,

Missing out like it is

Pushing ardour against what’s harder; in-the-real’s embracement:

So set to the shoulder, scale the anticline,

Wear out the load, by measure rein-in finings, clever limnings,

Beyond the given Word

Gate-keeper voices foster, moderate, with prudence

Proctoring pour in restraining ointments, slaking takeovers,

And would-be makeovers, insertions, fabled tableaux;

Figments requisite-precious to a rank of slanted reed

Whose sweep cloaks lights to see

Clear eyed and undiverted, gracious peerless Incarnation.

To do ingenuous honour, abject, harmlessly on knee,

To his blest imposts service; bending intellectually

In due good order

But svelte assailant boarders bear, declare, intrusion

Concatenations use to transport into fusions

Solicitations gather up, imbue with soft illusions

Handing-on shards

Of what love was, and is, and yet shall ever be;

Scrawl marred, in disrepair; audacious parody

A palimpsest of callow headstrong salad days;

Not actual – shameful, twee,

Contortionists’ resource, reward; broker of slush-funds,

Takings of idle hands by cunning-work’s defeasance,

Subject in jaunty sweet contents, the busy-bees of rumour

Tell howlers, devour esteem

Our fault, dear bought, The Nazarene amends, and absolutely

Resolute, forward facing, turns toward Jerusalem,

Nor seeks nor favours quarter there; but clomb, withstood The Pavement;

Truth-made-for-us made anguish - soft-shoot filter-frames dispense with