Eliot: Hope

July 20, 2017


I was searching for a hope at any price – except

Integrity – not mine – but of that skein, reputed

Of fine thread held up, held out; which latched onto

That it should hold me firm

And take my wait, so break my fall, my fears

Colliding head-on with uprushing floors, concrete, intact

As flat

Brute fact innures us, as evidence assures us

To vast acute endurance

Unless a cure is

By dividend realisable on death, substantial Yes

Beyond last breath, a chest of aspirations, many notes

Promisory set down intended wholly to the purpose

To make for purchase


Streamed, and encrypted data from The Dreamtime Maker’s Webpage

Himself the pledge, and giving the edge makes my desire

On fire; via text hotwired, and cast, don’t laugh


A turf first broached well-back before when, or them who

First understood

Nor yet technologies, telephonies, nor other wonder works;

Some few were served

Word of His global news-storm

Beaming down light like Scotty (makes me sound I’m dotty)

All vibes attunned, like speakers’ boom insist upon its bass

By which convinced of certainty men find that nous

To build a lasting house.

A Factor having means, computed well on what

A-frames of timber; tiles and journeymen supply him

What survey of the ground might best indemnify him

Beforehand to

What then pursued

How much the land might cost – not less than everything –

Said one insightful worker

Most humble-rightfully - a modest serving man

So that to grope for evermore for store; considering, I dropped,

Up-propped and inwardly foregathering on that greater good

To a bettter place no amplitude excels, exceeds, it

But seeks therefrom and tributary feeds it

Handing on more than hype and greater hope of placed above us

A Separated Standard

As though a suit of quality hung high on burnished hook

Of metal unalloyed yet dreadful strong to hold; of gold

Refined and sacerdotal

One passes under, through the fires, of Sovereign service

Classed by redoubt deniers catiff irons to be cast

Clasped of outliers on evil days, unhoused, discounted

He thus divides

By sharp incision penetrates bare heart of heart

Working an operation, brings regeneration

Dissevers accrued impurity, by a blade which cuts a way

To the Holy Saviour.