April 26, 2019

Kind of quaint the way our painted storyboards

Compel a kind of inquisition going all the day

Over the airwaves, and in print, the papers, magazines,

Remaking new society on select and favoured themes

Oracular for two legs goods and four legs bads

Raised in the fiery furnace of clear-sighted academe

Offers pay as you goes and buy one get one frees

Servings which seek to make-up alternate society

The Galilean cornerstone waived moribund rejected

Pushed-out from among far galaxies; computed calculations;

Grand unoutdated studies on the whole duty of man

Step up to make their rackets with a spoon and frying pan

So come and get it! It’s a dish delish, emancipating

A spanking brand new way to be correct and two-way facing

Retaining all consistency, no contradiction valid,

Offload old Bible baggage, prime yourself for ribald pillage

Because it’s anybody’s guess, there’s no objective

Dead Truth’s a crippled hermit captive to a darkling cage

Is weird, as weird as Cromarty or mysterious South Utsire

Like lore amongst the Gauls, soothsayer lazars in Nepal

Existence precedes essence, ergo, follow what you will

No counterfoil for issue to redeem for good or ill

A candy bar assortment’s everyone’s dog’s dinner

And everyone’s an expert every no-one a beginner

Tomes only to unlearn, to free, establish, smart routines,

Dismantling steps like Lego so to blast an underpass

Add artificial lighting, flashing fits, a passing lane,

A free-for-all cathartic of a Marvel nursery rhyme

Emancipated freedoms get mock-epic Calibans

Who dash their brains out, others’, with a mobile phone and van

Or mash their wits on ganga, driving, din out gangsta rants

Demolishing an eardrum, hanging out as smarty-pants

There is no Saviour, all behaviour’s undisqualified

There is no life form not the norm you may not, cannot, be

Success labels the dress its High Priest recommends to buy;

Then, merit validates itself, says every I, me, me!

Go play for Barcelona, Philharmonia, chase your dream,

Oh, in it do you look up, do the Yemen children scream,

And is there any other shares your glories stands beside

Or is everybody adulant and you self-satisfied?

An order which demands no rules is interesting times,

The Russian Chinese, Chinese Russians, they need kept in line;

From foreign wars and foreigners the Stenna liners steer

A cosy world of evening balls till seepages appear

Our common circumventions make excuses useless

Assure our opt-outs operate the standard forms

A liberty to scam log-jams, distrains, all circumspection

A nation we of shape-shifters, are slippery

From out remiss-commissions jibs mendacity

Which brings us to our title theme, alas, impasse

That we admit no object, hamstring truth, there claims one part:

Pin donkey’s tail plumb on our memory-foam behinds

A focal vocal selfhood vaunts an only lonely locus;

Within the solo ego wind our versed considerations

Forth first and last projects the self as Holy Icon

Worth working for, supporting, won’t let go, leave town

And this bids contradictions riddle through our hollow crowns

We can do unto others what ourselves fear and abhor

Our ego referential reverential point allows it

To serve ourselves good things our neighbours petty-poor

And lo, today, a little sad amusing thing, instructs me,

A disembodied voice the airwaves gravely distributes

Honk-honking on hypocrisies by sordid no good nations,

Lamenting delicately this general sweet potato

As if a foreign policy might ever pass abroad

Which tests benign for absolute philanthropy

Or even like-for-like internal, outside, plays

Its policies of government, this merry lovelorn age

A broadcaster appealing then upon an ancient gage

Of honour; just one moment’s awful daring of surrender,

A smouldering fumarole within his skull still spills; parole

Patrols, by this and only this have we existed