‘I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now’

June 28, 2017

Doomed dust; thrust from a womb Out of dumb lusts begotten A birthing done forgotten; a wet thirst At once nursed; then days’ rehearsal bit-parts Not yet written; deeds no pattern Eyesight no labels and thought bides vegetable Unsighted to discern the eventual urn Framing all context; and normative reflex;

Consideration uninformed, and set intention yet Unarmed; one is a blubber gagging spittle A pro-tem pod provisional, and query marked; A sub-division, a minnow marionette, Small player; a grand statement of a prayer A chore, and also door upon sure wonder Hereunder a blue moon, as like as zoom Headlong into life’s marvelled mysteries

Gradually, like grazing sliding ice Invasive at a slice come ponderously Abrading downwards drawing scored out valley art Carving in shaves heart’s clastic scree moraines Natural experience bears Wears imperceptibly its contoured years The daily dallied decades Of shaped impressive massif facades An ingénue considers scalable And strength available

Until impressed by tomb’s weight old age leaps a hay Turning Malvolios all Old scrawny factors Born torn survivors, hands hang clung on wreckage Time’s course far run, and life near gone, And easterlies wintery furrows freely flow Scouring steep hills, above a circlet moon illumes, Makes merrily half a tune Flung forth impromptu, ringing over homeward-hovers Breaking through bright stars are contrapuntal laughing