I’d Like to Say

October 12, 2017


I’d like to say

I’m just a sinner, same as any other jerk

The guy who beats his wife and goes berserk

The gal who steals softly a pace away

With client’ s purse after an evening making bedroom hay

I’m some part of the prob’

A breaker of the law and even doin’ a good job

Albeit sympathetic with our Saviour’s Golden Teaching

But yet his word more honoured in the breaching,

He tells us love, and love, and love again

If you do nothing else then do you love

A sane and eminently simple faultless Rule

And sorely needed since we’ll always play the field and fool

And sidestep, work-around, dissimulate it

And all the while informing us that we’re the greatest

Our well-loved solo salvoes prattle music in our ears

They tell us tittle-tattle all down the phoney, blasted years

Which are our learning curve, our breathing space,

That period in which we learn life’s not all face

Nor is it grandeurs-ville or gratulation street

Nor settle-bed of roses nor an instrument to beat

Up notice and attention to us, but yet we go our ways

Our exits and our entrances perform like fancy plays

We’re leading in as starlet or haut protagonist

Assuming we’ll win out and beat the ending and its twist

Our battle’s in the first place amply with our sorry selves

To call a halt to seeking first our sole perpetual healths

To try as much we might to be the guy who chose to pause

From Jericho to help and serve, and even with all faults

To follow as we can on ancient hallowed measured paths

Laid down so selflessly, dismissing doubts and halves,

By God’s decree and Jesus’s hard distrained endeavour

And no reward ordained him ; suffered all for our good measure

For each and all, as you and me, who think we’re something clever

Until obliged to quit the stove and face the coming weather

Outside with lowly Christ alone our tested only brother