It is Written

July 10, 2021

The artificial Briton,it is written, slops online

Heretical opinion, castigates, a spume a time

Affects on sex, on gender an accepted party-line

Reflects, refects, agenda, harps admonitory pique

“Ah, do remember, since November” …. “nonsense!, let me speak!”

  The quality is recitation, passions in cahoots,

And teaming opposite sure friends, frame Institutes

Old Calvin did not prate of in his gravid story books

Song anecdotes of holidays along a cosy brine

Rake, contemplate, these naval-cruising surfaces

Coursed - and the boozing

  I saw a movie once, a voyage home

Aboard, on hoary foem, making for phlegethon,

Via keeper of the loch across to sweet champagne

Or else to bitter fruit and demon dark domain

The people passengers play admirals; roll unawares

Commanders-of-the-line supine on top deck chairs

Commissions sublimated, sailing on to forward death

  I saw another movie too; a comedy

Cadavers walk in shopping-malls-cum-cemeteries

And swarm bathetic, haunt the haunts where once inclined

Attachment, led by habit of attraction

A complement dispirited of action

They roam, not far from home, masked, march on restlessly

Incumbent nuisance. As like in pursuance maritime

  The cataleptic Briton boats eternities

Threads boasts on ‘places done’ infernally

Incurs a heavy debt of regiment

Facility for chasing cloudless suborned sunburnt skies.

  An analogue for Britain; clamant, somnolent, unborn