December 11, 2020

On-the-level, here is one of several strangulations;

Meaning in death throes, curling up, admits despair,

Of finding breath no more

Parcels that sound good shaken

Gift-wrapped attractively

Racquets that seem intact

Connections deemed secure

All’s right and proper, if you’re a charismatic fraudulence

Framing a sort of gaming using crucial language

Scoring for street-cred, jargoneers gone maiming innocent names

Working at sousing, cooking, perjured adjectives

Coining a cache of trash Manhattan cowrie shells

Batches of parvenus, cutely tricked-out, pronouncing letters

Showing unthinking punters something bunkum rich and strange

A slogan to pander, and then throw in the appointed cham

Fold them together, construe conceptual simulacra

Fashion it all to formulaic fancy wind-chimes

Meat-hooks from advertising thus take means to murder

Absurder for knocking ratiocination on the head

A nation caught out in hock believing, listens; a bemused undead

Voodoo to view and listen to untrue seceders

Mad jabberers on the net, tissues to vet, of lies.

Come heed the pharmacy of prophylactics government provides

In the venerable manner issued; bland, hard-boiled misnomers

Calls to corral whom legislators postulate as cattle

Denying a great electorate recourse between their ears

Commending as policy levelling-up, by testament of years

Handshaking paltry gaudy feted non-significance

Raising the bar to moneyed heights; displacing mensuration

Expelling real schooling enrols bankrupt utility,

Lowballed the starvelings graduate declared for industry

All that we want and need thrives in the hallowed marketplace

Under a glorious gorgeous freedom, proud democracy

Sordid; betrayal instead waylays with human manumission.

These inquisitors of open thought are the slanderers of discretion