January 28, 2018

A simple childish trust believes before its eyes

Cares not to keep concern or leap beyond a trice

Regards befuddled elegant arcane philosophers

Close over-curious off-the-wall conceivers

Consonant treading leadenly in trafficking’s brown boots

Director sales-wardens fetch-in, carry-out goods

Presuming every other, another resident in their shoes

Bestead, consort indifference, stepaside imponderables

Preferring magic shows above an absolute magician

Foregoing God’s analytic box of tricks thought-laden

By which men try and test the aery nexus and its givens

They reason a ranging reason loser set against surmise

Thus merge their understandings into fiction’s semblance

Having enough content a crumb or crust’s an apple pie

Demuring the least considered bite - might aggravate contention;

Twelve inches in a foot the fair accepted rule

Impassioned swirls of atoms tantalise aphaze a cosmos

Pervade, invade consistency, that all-in-all of all things

Turn wild charades pure guessing games spin secrets gingerly

Fantastically in our backyards hid within the middle air

All routes when long enough begin to turn their bend

Our journeys’ destinations curl, forsake the direct line

Every adventure after all comes round again, cartwheels

That extrapolated line projected on a plane

And how imperfect numbers countermand our grasp

As though some things were meant not to be mastered, allowed known,

Only to be accepted incomplete approximates

Actual, though inaccessible within life’s measured zone

Only the mental vision sees them pristine as they are

Export them into tactile fact, behold, distortions blur

Exactitudes, as were untangled flawless frameworks, frameworks not supported

In such a world as woe’s instinct constituency

The virtual mental eye forfends, amends calamities

Opens to offer sufferance torn from earthborne consternations

A shutter a little lifted peeking in; concealed revealing

Half-unknown cloakrooms, vestibules witholden

A lifted snib goes utterly triumphantly truth-teasing

Gives on such portals, noesis, as proposes possibility

A thread that weaves a web as whiles away confined detentions

As shadow-boxings on one’s bed amongst scried insubstantials