Love and Language

July 07, 2017

Some schemes are proper to poetry; some pertain

To prayer more nearly, yet are proper frames;

Here then are two alike; two schemas; two regimes

Apprising our sincerities

Suborned are words like kernels gated inside wooden shells

Invention; attached intention; easiness of phrase;

These are the haul demanded; hard-commanded; seldom

To be come by

Instead and often, draughted lines run-out

A serial compendium of successive twerks

Perfectly elegant in effect, the wordery of world’s

Esteemed respondence

Under pursuit of worth, for even the turf of nascent greatness

Cadets carouse; shape formularies of signs,

Taking up public frays, verses emblazoned

Assaying after name

And here’s their darling sacrifice; insurgent urgency

Hoovers up, scuttles, as ambitions trouble temper,

Great stakes, high calls, come honour-bright attendant

With bid, beck, call: reconnoitre the prize

So let the fit be on, pick up, pick out, your blandished stanzas

As place offerings, of painted tantalising shows

In cultivated ground - your notability -

Its range of periphrastic passion fruits and flowers

Thence, where the best bunches hoist highest heaps

Is a prison arisen – there the ultra-vires conscious-self interns

Designs on fruits forbidden, luscious, aboriginal,

Make sentient their sell.

And an Eden becomes bedevilled, intercourse of plenty cursed

Pools once the heart’s green dappled wells ; now selfhood overcasts

And savagely self-defeating heedless head and hands requited,

Indite the mortal worm