Love's Portmanteau

February 20, 2020

With rare and new release increase begins, and

ever bigger things

Beggar by savant immanent immensity  

Disturb even the common mind whose tos and fros

fling back and forth bid here and there a sorry


All values incident to such importance warp

the fabric in the nerves perturb,

Even the boors whose turn serves only earthly foils  

The fellows growing small debts, and the tellers multiply

Subjugate now through new health, their high-stepping dares

in darling shoes they loved to prance are seasoned, cooled  

With perfect stare reply pings here true valency

Impacts at men aubades, amaze imprinted instant

Majority reflection comes, concedes, connects upon  

Confession towards affective texts, redacting ties

Pursuits anew – the Yahoo of Genessaret

no longer Legion,

Succour restores him, clothed, in his right mind  

Wits' curfews by Love's Sign rescinded, drawn the blind

Rent as the Temple curtain ragged, suddenly

From top to toe  

All regular nomenclature fails - let it go

The temper of the sense once hectic, shows white snow

Lights gentle, slowly settling, on a ground of grace  

Here sweetest rest, best peace of mind, and probity

As on the lips hang town-cried, thankful, thank-yous

Glad canticles to a value-squared reality  

From out once-tunnel vision, one's soul-prison, rieved

Conspiracies of mercy justice, spoke, and made the key

Or otherwise, in liker style of homely simile  

By CPR annunciation heals a hapless self

By cardiac resuscitation breaks up loathsome death

On one who made a play of Pharisaic tastes  

And one who hitherto had sung conventional authority

The Lord called you by name, up-lighting resonance

in your brain  

On global avoirdupois scale into a metric change

All weights and measures, treasures, pleasures, rearranged

  Nor more detours before your fired conscience you arraigns

Idling long procrastinations, motes and shadows

Or joyriding the slopes in slalom hopes of doublethink  

Or as avatar of pas de deux on the skating rink

Or a cowboy highbrow turning on the horns of his dilemma

Giving impromptu jockeyings as his best steer;  

But nowhere here abides sure sufferable command

Decides which critter rides you; tames your remonstrations

  Restrains inside your strident claims, and cloves your heart instead

Closes by careful kindnesses a move to grab you

Your bullish rodeos dispersing

Your foolish sideshows stopped  

Once you, sir pose, with your acumen, were bawled a grandiose thing

The procurator of the earth's most-boasted subtleties  

Rough covetoise, red-eyed at midnight situations

Gilt avarices, all the windfall contumelies of pride

Top diplomat precentor; agent from 'the other side'  

Once were a home-from-home alternate operator

Against the peace has distrained you from mazy nether rooms

By attuning you, who knew how to, and blew, a tone off key,

To love's made-perfect pitch  

Might not, may never, not a quaver, miss one modest catch

Haling you out, Love's Sol-fa Tonic, has called you from your ditch