July 13, 2020

Tenured, inured, secured upon a figment’s trace

First nursed, then versed, immersed in going rates as validations

No keys to liberalities of thoughts, perceptions;

Hunkered under a tower of hugger-mugger make-believe

Complacencies bid-up to cranial certainties

Truth may not grace to fashion meaningful existence

The trusts in our poor hearts are in a case indigent

Halters restrain exigencies, expound on strange libations

Sprinkling our lips to cloy with brilliant conversation

Corrosive big suppositionals disowning attempt of mention

Of splendid wealths of ages, heart’s, mind’s, generous derivations

That burn inside like lights, their terms resigned to relegation

All golden intimation by your counts and sums you rummage

Take chase of brass for synonym, cast-up in triplicate,

Though yet delight’s perplexities serve life-overall, perturbing

Phenomenological majesty.

You peg this omnipresence as a flagrant given,

Repudiate what antediluvian commission framed

Supplied as Word gone out and undivided, lo, returned

Fulfilled, and every excellence contributed

Alive and under a wondrous sun’s improbability

A vision had we seen it, blame should not divide us

And anger’s clangours with each other, poisons in the swim,

Suffering in despite, might else have recognised The Lord

The Dove revealed rakes senses; eyes, ears, mouth, nose, feelings, limbs

Reality out-shouts grandeur!; Love unties our silly hands

Oh, show them yours, Lord, aliens, whom broken from your plan

Give them giddy entrance, celebrating let them in

Naturalise these Israelites self-exiled but still kin

Open them new exposures, abate sad greys within,

Come confidence, brim every atom, quantum, pulsar, ion,

Of matter, light; invite, require, lost sheep come over ambling

To a charis called compassionate, sure bedrock your decree

Faith’s great inamorato, your Love folds and yet sets free

Enraptures; and all being is realised to Heaven’s heights,

In shivers spills our accidence fixate on happenstance

Which rumours round there’s earthen ground and there’s no more

As if a ditch incarcerating ringed-about one’s soul

Collecting up lost, carnal flesh, unmeaning creeping moles

And never posits reason, logic, nature, health; sad, poor

Persuasion, hapless hand, held in temerity.

Therefore be whole, the Gospel glows, beatitude and sinew

Its agency and suit commune to find that narrow gate

Unbidden contrite refugees to grace by mending them.

Pervasive, broad, Creation’s surge, all through invasive, swarms;

Its patency preposterous, a marvel