Moving with Gravity

October 09, 2020

Motion uncovers mystery, how that fan and curve

A world describes in orbits, or an orchard gallery

Of stars, candles in jars, run winking jollity

Light up the nights, articulating outstretched energy

Moving in, out, between, or anyways involving

In variation interspersing; our contemplation broods

To bring to a conception what a show is going on

Where actions on the left traverse and to the right remove

Notions suggest that rest protests the natural state

Since all expends and lessens fully to relinquishing;

Which schedule begs a question how that expiration trends

From what begot beginnings, what exactions, acts, attend?

What starting gate; what rate; what handling first had swept

Propelling a first motion’s urge, emergent darkling deep

And why, why running down, relapsing back to barebone scratch

An anomaly so ‘normal’ that complacency might fetch

No whisper of anomaly, nor in indolence accept,

Composed collected well-assured, conformable

Short consonance sublimes, and blinds out new inquiry

Now figure and consider animate intention

Referred as movement self-determined under will

A monstrous miracle, one could not overstate it,

That we should move, selves bodily betaking

Steps here and there; as sprites illumined by a psyche’s lights

Commanding a direction, signed within, imperatively

Come from a sphere irregular, its tipped intruded spark;

The answer’s guarded; not of mortal explication

All things hang hinged on magick turnspit gravity

Swings move and slew and doe-si-doe amongst the swirls

Of cosmic dusts and clotted other clustered masses

As our home is. What awful powers donate attraction?

By laid down groundrules govern interactions?

Having totalitarian scope, who we, its subjects, frames

And free concede unheeding its riotous panoply;

It’s Love’s, perhaps - a fragrance God’s breath breathes?

Texture? - an earthly answer cannot unstring all its beads -

An ardour mild at God’s right hand accompt sustains; believe