Mutability: Bounce and Balance

September 26, 2020

It can’t be another Saturday, all at once, and gone,

Like apple pie and ice cream in the balmy afternoons

Lost in a moving memory…. stiflingly warm

Fleeting like pictures on an old time movie reel

Projector glimpses glimpse, beguile continuum

A splice, a whirl, half-noted, hurtling briskly by

Occurs that bristling teeming days are garnet good

A rolling ever-present pleasance to a forward doom

A concrete posthole even understands rescentions could

Obliterate; the cambered complement unscrew

And scuttle settled plains, stun docile condescensions

Make regal wreak of apple pie and ice cream.

Aware ensembles glad-ragged, mind-wed, echo hums

Their ante-chambered centrifuges fathoms down

At once expound outriders; and one’s blestness crown

The sours of bittersweetness feed tip-brittle flowers

From which are drained repository combs

Full easeful hours of joys, that laws of sense will deprecate,

As much to set inviolable edge on human tryst

Humdrum delicious mixured life, at once discerning; blind

Throws back on supplications, vacillations, paradigms

Of unacknowledged motive insufficiencies

And double-entry clown dependencies

That float on, unsupported, span one’s reckoned days

Turn mild, turn quirky wild; and inarticulate-appalling

A closet eye might see this; but see non-contiguously

A germen’s grain rapport concedes, receives, belief

As recusant in debit to harebrained imbalance

Incurred invigilating in life’s scheme of mirages

Go, time, then: so: continue on; run and contend your chase

Elsewhere; not here shall tumbleweed as clovered fictions ploy

The road runs right; The Teacher takes it to beyond compare

Promise-filled home.