New World in The Morning

April 29, 2020

It’s a one-sided contest

The leather pyjamas fitting all one size

The clever, the bananas, the cities of flighty crocodiles

One leg; one foot; an arm; a piebald hippogriff

Gulps downstairs to the bowels

Intestine journey needs no light

One gorging bowl-begging monster takes aperatif

Whales in the park pool; sailors strung in lemon trees

Pandemic life has volunteered replanting mustard seed

Bigging up in the garden among the shrubs uproariously

Contest no conflict only one tide supplies assiduously

Stirring the waters; availing of quarters,

To teeth, roast beef, douce delicacy

All-in-a-puff pasts’ mists lift elementally

A rich draught is exemplified

Calling our bluffs’ substantial huffs from out ‘the other side’.

No rod from God, goads sinner goats, to Jordan’s shore

So much as corona funds shortages of Mammon’s eggs

Contagious love drives full to bursting buses through the temple’s eye

Rending its veil, lays open unto one true and liquid ruth

In saline white

Wiping off our faces' trace of our unforgiven fears

As by a wonder shaken – forget it, let us give three cheers!

No contest – washed confessed and shriven

By the uncommon year’s affairs - harmartia

Time’s axletree goes a-turning, labours on against the grain

And sanity’s restoring

Grow Easter bunnies, no more of English shopkeepers,

Everything’s sainted, even the tainted, as once was of no merit

Where in the world – beyond it? - might one be within a minute?

Variance is over – is clover turned – all’s lemonade-ed

Failure is gone - indeed a different instance settles

A syrup unto the sick supplied has done them something good

Has muscles inside it; and makes away, to all the vacuum

Foolings that fail to fill-up to a satisfaction

Afford no comfort

Nets next, to repair – grab anew receiving eyewear

Renounce on the longing places, the dodgings for candy bars -

Light up the blue touch-paper now - and all's a blast!

Houses available, endlessly saleable, to everyone

Wearing the trousers or in dainty blouses – they all can come

Built by apointment, grab an annointment, in your zone

The contest, the conquest is over; rebel debaters’ gabble done

Was there, and is not here; a virus become a marrow bone

There’s Divinity in it; directions delimit The Emmaus Road