Next Always Better

June 09, 2021

Next is always better; is the dearest next best thing

(And cunning is always cleverer in the kit you’re purchasing

Than the marbles that were rolled, controlled

The previous packaged thing)

  The stout redoubt authority of advertisement - its ball swings

Its beat-all main line central forging hammer rallying

The glossy girls to pompom, lead a heaving general shout

Superlative; then figurehead celebrity confirms

Subliminally the social group salute

  Transitioning equipments; some they conjure, some they lay

The sly deceiver stitched Aladdin; switched ‘new lamps for old’

  Follow me round the Maypole or else do a conga romp

Pursue persuaded passengers, and let go of the reins

The course has no direction but the latest lines

Which course has no direction neither; just pastimes

  And here spins, trims, Aladdin’s Djinn; as wild consumption

Finds, binds, and winds its only instrumental power

Which makes it mighty; lines its mighty magnates’ esplanade

Here’s no Objective Other in these spend-a-penny trades

  Where we to harlotry initiates betake

Pledged to the highest bidder by a dreadful agency

Nowhere nor else to go; nor greatly known: but know

Rover needs occupation, so, give Rover a bone

  Our anchors to reality, now are they, ergo, spent?

This Cardinal Amphitheatre dwarfs a FaceBook page no more?

Do the hinterlands beyond expend; contend with Emmerdale?

The germens of the world broke to foundations?

  There is a light

Despite our late goodnight to metaphysic sarabandes

As done on shawms and hauteboys out antiquity

The instruments of pneuma stopped by social silencings

This time when violence thins silence to scarcity  

A time when every fellow blows his solo horn

And any she strows lusciously a picaresque cadenza

And custody of song belongs by axiom

Behind four virtual walls; in Babylon

  As through a lens of admiration gaze redux

A class whose cataracts dispose them, stunted, versed,

Confirmed in calculations on ontology

By insolent prerogative, to assume the world

  To force a method subjugates the earth

A private secretariat to smart machines