No, Not Power

April 12, 2019

No, knowledge is not power; fair freedom, life unchained;

Insides tie-up with what was brought as knowledge badly brained

By certainty’s dead mysteries, stockpiled masteries of weight

Yourself and your probations docked, detained, no wicket gate

Barred tenfold shuttered under curdled terms of education

Something to pack your torso into, squared austere oak knotted

Passed-down insinuations vain, insanities begot,

Well non-held ratiocinations - allsorts – politely being forgot

Pastured, now nearly seventy, loosed at last to graze and whinny

Having been willing horse verbose for many buried years

Set free and having done with dree, my divagations many

Do lead me wheresoe’er they list as like a mastless skiff

Cast into moulds are confident good affirmations

Plastered as like a leg of old with bold convention

Aching to break away give ease to muscles atrophied

To work me to good action, all the time beleagued

Awaiting physiotherapy coming on The National Health

Hand-wavings had I, deep massage, (I thank-you, Dewi Sant!)

Previously I good progress made among the worlds of mind

But even in lairs of scholardom gave exit half-made-up

Now, like a bird of eld, a turkey? pterodactyl?

I have grown wings, as an egg have hatched, and flown the nest

Of adders and their subtractors, their sore divides and shoddy times

Air is become my element, learning my winnowing-gin

And learning’s a kind of giving-up, surrendering – to defeat?

No, no, but a rendering back again to Caesar what is his

Divestments bring acceptances of glad triage, not-knowing

Happy disclaimers, waivers, non-indemnities

Éclair; where questions find release; enjoy, invite, paroles,

As prisoners who ne’er saw daylight, now behold it and patrol

Abroad; where once subdued in dungeoned-keeps a-lolling;

Progress-enfolded, assured detention-locked, in wrestling holds

Learning is turning naught away, is giving space to all,

In ease of feasibility lambent, since ideas do enthral

Plumbing fathoms’ potentials that brawl crumbling sea-walls

On an opening-up adventure in a dusty living room