No Time to Think

October 09, 2020

...if all time is eternally present

all time is unredeemable..’

Walking the walk of time; but wait, is this a given?

What if, set, motionless, there is no chronic movement?

The rock of being sits, subsists, without fluid continuum

All things revolve and move, decay, make new assertion

Into a prescence untransported; bare phenomena?

Perhaps an artless language models to its constitution

One solid cosmic state not to be handled better

Than words should speak: long hours in passing weigh down heavily;

And thus prospecting words’ half-grasp on actuality?

So, monolith, the present state is all; and always

Past time mere memories and hoarded records

The future culture’s figment, time no flowing river

Hard-presence of existence all; unfolding nothing

Only The Hand of God, preserver of us all

Think that ourselves come into being; and go out again

We the continuum; objects, items, who arise, decline

Make way for others as we melt away;

Then the instrument of entropy stares stark mysteriously

The fashion of our lives a kind of shadow show

We're not, and nothing is, buoyed up on, riding time

There’s no trajectories, nor forms of forward pattern

No shape but what would men create in their high passsions

Excepting that Creation is the awe of God; inheres

Stood prominent, acknowledged seen, upon perceptions

When a quantum leap in thought experiment dismisses time

Its silken sheer illusion by collusion muting fine

An almost scary face to–face and rock-hard confrontation

When aweful magnitudinous humbling deep astonishments

With wonder wake-up, like a freight truck; our admonishment

Who let allow unreasonable endemic trifles knock

Ridiculous from under us clear thinking; petty things outtop

(And shroud, for we are dead when we allow our foibles place)

Clear glories; stories in a lick of sunlight, backyard place;

Beyond deliberation; marvels out of cerebral bounds

Will lay him down to worship who would see them, they confound

Wake! Take no slight ride on an unlaid, ghosttrain, time

Connect, encounter imponderables which nonplus and astound