Notwithstanding Storm

May 22, 2020

Quaffed, cupped, in sea, a crucible of persons

Sailors, serried persons, borne and lofted so

By seas brawls toying much with human sympathies  

Thrown on a swirling moving mass

Beings sloshed around

As sea rides rising, glides, collides

With its own self  

Shelf after shelf, sieves, reaves, its ups and downs

The feral wind and lucent prudent moon

Hold their determined rooms  

Hold sway, as such as that they may,

In influence

While shot upon a shove, the tidal dance

Filters the shining planing boat  

Swung occupants roll mauled, stare, show no share

Of hollowed anguish

Another language mentions here than wildered terror

Broad brother upright steadiness commands the mind  

Astute alert backs straight state clear reality

That they sit here

And what the dangers sea contends, the risks;

Denied their end;  

Fie, any least discrepancy might overwhelm, to cleave them

By water, by dire squall, in ragged backing waves

Impending, so turn down  

By drench go quenching all the boat; should faze this balance

Of scales which weigh untaught to keep replete, agreed,

Life's presence  

Should balance trip, be tipped, an inundation of the sea's

Whipped plunge a plume providing..?  

The salient moon stays clear and stolid, mood unmoved

The night illumines

Here stirs no pain of hers  

Skies risen vie, wild rowdy clouds collide

Thrown all about in muddied greys and blues

And move a mix in smothering infolds coiled; as sympathy  

In loud sounds, clashing, rack and shake as weather

The moon yet hanging stone stayed, silk-like rock yet still

Apparent soars these choppy seas, curled closing over

Gunwales; conniving long to flood the basin of the boat  

To view, as if sloped downwards, troughs-full sink,

Wrap and consume, pictorial art's allusion;

Sat set erect careen men on their floating whorl

Upright, unstartled, unperturbed  

Assured in taking present chance for certainty

Their bulks sent bundling by swung smouldering waves

Do understand their state

The regular commodity, the commonplace of life