Oh, How I Love the World

December 31, 2016

Oh, how I love the world, and how I’ll miss

The kiss of slaty shower clouds moistening a grass

Each drop of excesses of moisture gift to greet

The coming day

Beginnings are a shrouded sun come up,

More than half-hidden sparse in weathered clothes

Hardly defeating mists of fogs by winter rays;

The frosts debilitating

Heats come, warm lone and barely overspread

New growths, that challenge tardy years begin

When rigors harden harshnesses, all vigour’s done

Forestallling clutched

And rooted saplings penetrating numbing dirts

Outspreading to subdue with countermanding

As earth secedes its iron grasp on winter;

Rolls back its course

Uncertain glories yet will bother April

Here hinted at, foreshadow in this chat

Of blackbird seeking mate his coal-dark throstle

The rime invigorating

As hawthorns, and horse chestnuts strive to stretch

Out branching buds; their roots aching to leech

Unfrozen groundwaters conserved by heaped detritus

It kindly saves

That nature also save a reputation

From ‘tooth and claw’ austerity; the bogey lore

Of a quaint modern romanticism; surely

Some stale sales stuff?

That would the world gripe anti-bountiful

Except with its unsocial indiference

Like rugged snow-capped mountains risen to leer

Offering cold shoulders

Lest life and living ever yet show kindly

Accommodating and providing for

In niche and adpatation and hospitably

By open flow

It circulate this dead of winter; strewing

Most heathlful cornucopias of due provision

Ably ameliorating rugged weathers

Safeties supplying.

Replying fulsomely to contraventions

Which propagate de riguer enmities

Relying on sadly sheltered ignorami

For a confirmation

Huddles whose hibernation is in TV screens

Dullards whose understandings second-hand

Are compromised in following the money

By joining with the jaded marching bands

Of selling in the dearest in the cheapest


Disconsolate commercial jambourees

Desensitising, damping inclinations

Their inherent capabilities to be free

Succoured on fancies shovelled down a movie tube

Poured glorious must-haves, items of a day,

Springes for woodcocks, and avarice’s dross

Ah, wellaway!

Cushioned half-lives, seated inanity

A brute consumption wearing wills away

Rapacious fervours stirring yens on sad setees

We melt away

‘Out’ even constitutes a contumely

And ‘nature’ a redoubtable trainwreck

Loss of hot water, foregone takeaways

And one’s own mess

Lord, let a foggy day prevent a flight

Or leaves on lines create a tragedy

One day is lost from a scorching Tenerife

What a travesty!

Regardlessly and redolently life yet thrives

Revives come Springtime, suffers much indeed

Antipathiy’s bad presses, although immutably

With few contenders

Seeming sometimes as from another world

To humankind whose self-image s/he grooms

On petty prides which separate us to a place

Beyond lampoons

Our self-image divests our innocence

Of ways; and would divest of nature troth

Supplanting it; and best of all biology

We sink beneath the valors of which we reek

Than us has God’s Creation eschewed gall, pretension,

She startles us anew springtimes pristine withal

Unfraught amongst remorses, pets, predations

Gorging her soul

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