One’s Lone Narcissism

June 22, 2017

Locked in a limpid pool which reads your lily eyes

Rocking so lightly over waters; gaze ablaze

You face the pleasing promise;

A moving pictures idol smoothly-groomed of gracious stance

A gander being a swan

Chases unreason’s fancies, bringing hand-on-hearty sighs

Conjuring invitations, unilluminating bright

Purlieus of looking glasses carrying brittle hopes

Raise passions like fair sweethearts

Holding out for betaking of a single chance

Happening in the idle mental minute

Wreathed in a spooning halo, an angelic tapestry

Brimming with syncretistic blooms of meadow spray

Deliriums all resolve into an overreaching mense

Fan flames; fierce furnaces fire-up

Who is it like unto our silly selves,

Which are procured by kitchen stoups of verbal porridge?

That antinomian wrinkle winds into our inner thoughts

Seeks hanging fruits one handles disobediently

All recondite experience pierces crème de la crème high-flyers

Explodes well-overventilated majesties of name

Instinctive noes to flatteries exposé our grandee manners

We slattern whores of cogito ego sum

Time’s butterflies of hearsay, vaunting skywards breasting out

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