Or All, Or None

June 01, 2021

I call; I speak out; reach for Him

Asking the world and relegating nothing

Parking, unhitching, trailer-loads in droves in long-stay lay-bys

  Making my call

Asking it all

  Because to pause, omit an ounce of clause, condition,

To throw a smallest particle of dust, a waste, away

Nor not include, gives Elohim emptied petition

  A road no-entry

A parlous marvellous fuss

  A bus without a route, or somewhere destination,

A corn of wheat without the fruitful generation

Position with no purpose poured libation for a circus

  Turn, flounced on trampolines.

No butter; margarine

  With little actual filling in the proffered finger roll

Just one crumb numbered gone, and all falls in, is termination

The urgent will sets, gone; assistive passion overlaid

  Makes one-dimension;

Concerted tension

  Lost, tossed, with crumb and dust, in rude confused discursion

In undetermined space, no centre; aloft, unfathomable

Extensive unadvisable spectacular calamity

  So, hear my prayer

Poised on a stair

  Half up, half down; and can go either way

To true-blue Jesus; or diffuse, go dolorously;

Yea, ours, it is The Kingdom, if we want it seriously

  Enough to croak for

Enough to hope for

  Recoil from damage, bless the worm; lay dereliction

Refuse rights’ masteries, and Saturdays of Sabbath frolic

That point to where we worship, our convenient crown

  The trip uptown

A hustler grown

  Merciful stars, the fortune tellers of promissory notes,

Issue retainders on us, lay down debt in perpetuity

Distrain our hearts, and make foreclosure on us our annuity

  Raise up reflections

Conveying recollections

  Winding accrued disbursements into one lump sum;

Chronometers catch us up; the money spider spun

The world a web by which itself is prey

  Assays no waiver

Today, it’s over

  Balancing by the skin rescinded pathogenic words

Elegant, animated, ornamental, swerved

Caught on the tongue, long question-hung, and there preserved

  The frying pan the moment

And the fire is the atonement

  Oscillating on eternity; or will or won’t

To jump is jump one way; where’s grace and gallows won

Floors to condemn oneself, risk on a token object thrown

  Our ask’s laid down

Is all, or none