Our Merry Way

September 04, 2019

We saturate violence

We satiate violence

The waking demon dreams of sublimates on-stream

An overfilled slop-pail of wish-defilement


And after the dream has mollified, expired

He cries to dream again:

This time a little louder may we have it please?

This time I won’t give way, segue, shout: “When!”


They cut the throat of learning wayback in some erstwhile alley

Broke a bone, then, respectfully, cracked one by one

Until the policies were come out right

Until the impostures gained the acolytes

So cruelly has the brute taught to the creature


Away! - they say to yesterday’s unsatisfactory measures:

That blind men are to see, the halt and lame to meet conviction:

We thumb this ample devastating incredulity

Mistaking Saviour’s Comforter religiously

And taking away all fences, unless corpulent fast-food,

To burn instead for Babylon


We venerate insolence

We vegetate indolence

We choose our sleazy wheezes like a zesty condiment:

A pot of incontinence please!

Topping of raspberry sauce!

Deliciously so, so coarse


Marigold manners passed away with pinafores and frocks

With ladies tearooms, and menswear Lebensraum

Brazening then, a coming out; an activation

And other free experiment, self-referential bouts

Roast offerings to Judge Dredd, the wines and token bread

Of our new accommodation


Glad brought to us Pangaea; here our schools have spently come

Along with all the world to rail with raised acrasia finger

Following Lieder; catechised by catastrophic sheens

Chasing for clover, cookie-jars, too eagerly