Parallel Insurrections

February 01, 2021

“In the dark backward and abysm of time”

Was once a version of me called a youngster

All doors all open chased with gold; all ceilings


Through; Heaven arrives - for fools bespoken

The temper ardent; industry collective

Fair dibs wanted to rival clodpoles in professions


The cause was not enough to go all round

Their target uppity paid out consequences on

The pound

What itches in the pocket, the morning can’t be found

An income battle, mostly prattle, rattled savers

End of the line rambunctious claims primed national inflation

Belligerencies, strikes, protests, and strifes colluding

Brewed in common

In boardrooms of the nation reason tottered

Denizens lose control

Collectively the people having dug themselves a hole

Went right on digging

Each malefactor wanted to be overreacher

Draw more from his own ploughshare, for his tipple Teachers

Strains weighted on the balance well opposed a harmony

The underlings of society having thrown a party

Had rocked sobriety,

Assumed too much; gone Dutch on aspiration

Some jealousy, some hangman justice calls revenges,

And ripped their closed shop doors right of their very hinges

By heady mixtures got the people binging habits

And at their hands the land became an unbecoming

Out of order shambles

Now jump a leap; bound over a course of decades

To a time of hearing pods no longer deaf-aids

And being in debt, our national pet, is labelled ‘credit’

A day in which Abramovich owns all the footballs

And information manages our boggled marbles

That class thing, whilom being linchpin to fast solidarity

And had made such a heady beer for grandfather

Subdued now, covered, gone to underground

In lower consciousnesses

Being disallowed and disavowed as all unfound non gratia

It shambles along still, is going strong but not


Riches stay to the strong, the strong the boys of Eton


In our contemporary days our out-of-phase precepts


Consume the peoples, in one vocal global retch

Of vomit goods and services; and anyone adept

In money making; business boom entrepreneurs

Is anybody; shoddy goods no bar to cleave the honour

Get grants to startup, all the apple-cart assistance

To be a nuisance on the High Street; on the broadband

And every Dick and Annie thinks at once to try hands

Of being bigshot amongst a gallimaufry of vendors

This is commercial heaven say the governmental benders

Of information, life, society, the brain

Who go in one long tunnel a late runaway freight train

Unmanned engine, full stoked, calamity to who knows where

The coming buffers humble, since the train's in disrepair

The thundering of clamour is for stinking rich

Here’s images of ikons of that complement

The cosy club whose one-horse ruse brought billions..

The also-rans – that’s us – their menial serving minions

Let every cleverly skirted shirty trick be lawful

Let every dirty Dick and Mabel dress in royal purple

Be lionised and highly-prized – they’re our most able

Sweets to the strong; revenues to the bold

Any accomplished tromperie just let it go

Even Prime Ministers break the law and say – “so-so”

Mislead the sovereign? - back to business is it, no?

Comeuppance, justice, penalty, no slap

Across the wrists, instead a lot more in the same vein pap

And no-one minds – a people winds in crazy mazes

With sedate looks of acceptation on their faces

Let all who enter here despair, submit, beware,

This quip writ large in cellophane, a thousand versions

On loading pages of whose guagers move professions

In sneaky candidacy for demure possession

As much as can be from the next connection coming

The rush of hard cash reckons in their lymph glands

The dash for money hankers in their bowels

A mishmash hanky-panky, and some swinish pearls

All strewn are their position

(Rewards for such attests the earth as well as Heaven)

So we have come from low caste insurrection

From days when masquerades were from the

Serried Unions

To the self-same people-games – the same claims made

For too much pie

Right now

But see you how only the names have changed

The greed, ambition, pleasure in the power, eagerly

Always pertains

A surface veneer, there underneath descry the very same