April 29, 2018

Self-satisfied, wealth-gratified lot

Happy to bray and cheer on without fervour, thought,

Milky words spilling piddling pools all over the place

Public with honours, at home in comfort with disgrace

Sure you can riddle and pepper with bland and blasted shot

Throw out rejoinders’ unguent insinuations

Set up in statutes who might stand, secluding who does not

In your pants do dance, belabour forecourt karaoke vows

You close down who may say, and whose agenda prospers

With your old-age charm, disarm, working in Chinese whispers

Taking the feet of them away whose votive urn your turf impeaches;

You set all to your lustres

Like fixtures stood you gather dust on mildewed platforms

Play-actors living out Gogglebox to please a gawpy nation

Doing untold meanderings, both quaint and weird; familiar;

Like residents in a Pleasant Valley Nursing Home

Your selective pity confirms an antecedent prejudice

You nod out sentiments but cannot stay with fealty

Bumming on; low and blowsy drones befuddle a protestation

Brimming sad droplets flowing cheeks: …take comfort in the port

Coddled, this happy breed, full vested in assurance

Wound round with banners fifty years since outed, undeceived,

You flounder on, wallowing buoyed by muddled hands who vote you -

It seems forever – catatonically, priming your pump

The simple hoodwinked; fed myths that tryst with cardboard liars

Stuffing your stuffings, full bosomed loose-fit airbags

Twee buffoons ballooning damage so to manage cakes all round

And teas before the ward round, checking pulse, gratuities

MPs, they can’t plan a route or use a paper shredder

Uncountable years stuck at the top have raided their skill sets

Having their living done for them defrays them weak as water

Palled cut-out simulacrums, drag prosthetic rubber smiles