November 12, 2016

Being someone else? it's quite enough Being one, oneself, without a carried onus Of others' loss and bothers, others' troughs And eyes to cry in, and espy in what The world obeys

On those old ways Whereby we'd like to kid ourselves and trade Pet dreams of cardboard pyramidic schemes To prop our fervours; one such bitter cup Is cup enough

To rough, to tough out; too too serious blues To ride out kind of costly; patience fails; So soils life's beauties, life’s collaterals

Those laws which govern, whether governors learn The presence of them; which do yet propound Surround. astound by action, test and thrust Cuffed headlong sometimes, sometimes baulked, frustrated much , Else-wise cognate of, with a share perdie Rare elegant credentials, feed, unchained As gifted by sought nurture

As if amongst a verdured greenwood lane in vales Blithe solace pours, And slakes a breast of cholers, squalours, jaundiced-coloured scrys Like has no place , no palace halls compared Nor fancy stairs on pleasant views, facades extraordinaire Do rear a such grace against such a glorious glade

Whose honoured trees seat a floral underlay Currying resemblances – wit trips remembrances Purviews of lately-garnered golden charms; Heart's properties

Delights delighting, such as might perform Laid pledges absolutely – and behovely bring Recourse and consonance for troubled pensieri Consolidations loudly singing praises

The fit of agitation eases off Dour traces, scathes’ deceptions chafing darkly A mind malign wrath-separated; are deterred, assuaged Safe settled now in a patience’s gated alley Heaped up with glorious vestures adumbrating, dressing walls