Plain Remarks

June 09, 2021

That matter has a property; that earth contains it

A force, a draw down; just enough – like Goldilocks

Discovering her porrage:

Is commonplace; the stuff of common knowledge

  It’s as if the nations carry magnets on their heels

As if a block of iron in a sticky tar congeals

Pick up your feet; put down; the muscles carry them

Their motions made permission of Lord’s gravity

  Then’s water; the porter of our bloods; our best commodity

Oceans-full waving, turning, in replete ubiquity

A clear drink from the freshets; ambling country streams

Cleaned by the mountains, and by caverns’ kindly means

  Simple in structure; formula of two gas bonds

And running finds its levels; tasteless, but, so sweet!

A sip cold and clear, is dear, when on a sunburnt day

The body defrays refreshment at the tongue’s allay

  Marvellous fluid; miracle of cloud drops, everyday

Parcelled by nature; a life-dependency, which saves

Just so: as if one never noted its provision

So obviously oblivious in its special way

Brave health creative elementary maintenance.

  Nor think we on long orbits harvesting the sun

Nor circulatory moons above, around the planets

This ball of earth spin-captured in a closed


Around, around; no sound; no cause for public panic

  This wheel is ever rolling as we sleep and sup

A globule carried magically; swung as if in a cup

And life goes on neglectful and unhindered

The basal things of life go on, go on, and unattended

  The rare exquisite air piled up, goes columned into space

Its attraction to impaction on the ground goes prima face

No marvel: we all gargle on it most deliciously

It’s just the right complexion of the right variety

  Mixed gasses’ masses held; a jar of breathing liquor

So luckily just had to be appointed here…...

Were windows into heaven’s heights the staple, every eye

Would daily see but not see; so familiarly -

What door pulls open conference on Deity?