Post-Modern Theorists

February 26, 2018

Twisted metal train crash wreckage; a measured intervention:

Pretender Napoleons, conquerors in rococo tongues,

Desirous of derivations rummage Karno’s army surplus

Something confusedly

Here’s a specialist consultant, adjutant at steampunk fair

Thrash-metal freak tomato thrower; with a mildly vaudeville stance

A break-dancing migraine vendor playing ego-games for points

Flies in the eyes, tripe, flannel, at-sea bloaters; makeweights tumbled

Almost quite nearly clever, flog besotted cakewalk style

Rigged ragbags of listless metanioa, rapturous garbled fugues,

Sparks cast their rare arcanae, combatants spin mange tout

Hinting a church of curious types, whose closed conventicle

Oodles out swank, well-pranked melange, and prinked with viewless loopholes

Stargazy pie-eyed wise guys wade through counterfeit piranhas

Cut loose liminal pronunciations, too turgid to persuade

Learned in-armchair tumbleweeds forsake the settled routes

Outlander creek iconoclasts run off-course, on-chance ramblers

Dissemblers murder the Christmas cheer with ladled dysenteries

Per a polymath paraphernalia’s periphrastic kitsch

Waterloo theme park chargers take the field of tilted windmills

Preferring trophied selves bear-off regard; past incoherence!]]>