Proof of Concept

January 15, 2021

The planet yearns through every evolution it is bowled

At every evolution, how the planet yearns, and, oh!,

It twists caught up in yearning; has been keenly lost

Only is known a star

One special year appeared and in The East

A poeme only halfling-known is this,

In cloud because the people hold only a shadow

Of undersize belief

And doubt surrounds, attends it, even in the teeth

Of litmus-test empirical concerted evidences

Sourced, full of record; inventories of precedent

The whole profane plain regiment of history

There has been shoot-bolts slided on our dead-end


And long made fast, shut up, by a resistless grasp

Passed-on along; the past inherited upon the young

Nor hardly any undoers in time’s unnumbered crowds

Of constellations

Have taken hold the calls which are the will of God

And owning bound to those commissioning essentials

Taken hold His rock of ample consolation

Made turbulent admission ravaging a

Bare-laid heart

Which nurse is ours on earth, whose pangs will use

Heartsease as simples


An infantry of persons would consign to a museum

The company of Jesus; they would stay at home

Were given out report of Him, a lately come addition

Replete with teaching, preaching here at all

The Summer Fayres

And would redact the tracts of old-time written down

In Scripture

Could not support His great report of entrance into history

His Incarnation cannot speak to their main-central

Mental lives

In which their Temple Courts are crammed with cunning


A quizzical confusion of hard questions dances, chases

Round their minds

The miracles, untypical of comprehended nature,

Are bars; they stumble

His mighty resurrection recommends no sense to sanity

To men whose main events are proud of shreds and patches

Who judge Lord Jesus by the gauge they judge

Their own deeds

A brood the clothes of ego cover over

Keeping warm

Who firm determine what their gazes call as certain

Aver their untaught local word The Authorised Version

“Our standards are our safeguards” so they're wont to say

And by their size would weigh Him

“Our bunker skull shall ringfence us with comfort

Rags of common sense”

“From harms and cheats and Holy God’s

Thrice-blessed Providence”

“No threatening mavericks might steal away

Our riches”

“ Nor interdict their value, nor be it, even make us whole”

“Besides we much prefer our universe of quirk black holes”

They say; than that their bones should live and grace be given;

(His bread, the laws of love)

Tasted, have hearts unfold, and break the humdrum mould,

Be bowled clean over, the whole-world-over,

Surprised by wonder

(By miracle!) the solid bolt slid back; contrary doors

Flung open

And overboard go smorgasbord adored possessions;

Burns yearning Love alive


That final sigh for Paradise said: “It is finished”,

And Love then died for us when we most loved ourselves

But so; no law or regulation, prohibition, in it

No lonely crowded heart that harbours hung revenges

For sullied blood,

We have come before The Lord

His law of love has judged us

Condemned, and then forgiven, and then shriven

Us of sins

Let, you, and you, the next person, and all the world come in

Let it be so, let all the people, every versioned person,

Be swallowed into God, infinite lovingkindness

Be everyone in spirit, sister, mother, brother,

Inhale by inhalation that great Inner Sanctum,

Of test, reality,

T’would come to dwell, and solennelle, fill every body


And what of you, and me, whose gift has been

The cup of love?

Who gladly drop our guard, now sealed by Christ’s

Most harmless blood

Shall every scarred or shallow heart make open season?

And fickle tricksters wring us out, rinse manifold

Of all but love?

And is there no good help against those robbers

Who'd rule, are sat above

With temporising stratagems, to think to govern us?

That company and complement who will not stay

To say a patient prayer?


Don’t baulk,

Throw up your hands with thanks; and joyful hats,

Shout loudly;

And hale, give out three cheers!