Prosperity Posterity

November 28, 2019

The world is consumed with a daily round of getting, spending,

The earth is consumed by inveterate destitution vending

The earth and the world, so embodying one consumptive emptive grave:

Forespeaks our latter endings

Consumption's a wasting disease, an acute affliction

Conditioned by covetous stone-throw cock-crow contraventions

Avarice diced to lots supplies sidewise means of production

Is consuming ballooned consumers' intestines inside

Consummate ceilings of numberless look-at-me bedazzlings

Saturate fixate sighs of eyes' shop-windows

Inordinate ladings post haste wear fair commodious sea-wings

Float in steel hangars, go passing at evening hour - no! all the time

They supply, satisfy, the rampant butt-itch of-the-day

The confounded mouth-fed converge to work as shambling shadows;

Factory replicants eight till eight make the same make-weight again

And again; a herd's lost-purpose, who surge in-service; and then

Emerge as the murmuring grey wage-earner husks of men

And the show and the sell as the groundlings sweep like shoals of krill

Carrying-on, animistically plying

The pendulous sample, the liable free trial - the ride to buying;

Into the hands of the Lords Belial the halfpennies shall fall

Concerted on combing an all-embracing cloned consumption

Eaten insides by delectable outside shows of things

They are sold for a Babel's bauble, on the subterfuge that gleams

A world taken-up by, taken-in with, brass prosperity

And, lo, may become a sinkhole, welling poor austerity

Should mad bargaining turn against itself, and press hostilities