Pursuits Involving Doing Nothing

January 03, 2017

Here is today a meditation class -

Promises, promises, salve omnibus!

And here a cruise ship enterprise; it sails

Come all aboard! Nirvana!

Here is the art which offers empty packages

As fulsome repetitions regally consigned

Able on label, to make late life exotic

Draws most demotic

Sameness the touchstone, to inclinations stirring

Again and again played-punters - never-learns -

Set up for pitfalls, all nine yards and making hay

Hedging their calls

Selling off Heaven-gifted time on information:

Originating source: the racketeer

Deviser of the steal, its fabrication:

And profiteer

Quo bono: whose this dangled-angled bone

Before the eyes; which dogs us to pursue

Throwing up wasted lifespan to the gorge of ocean’s gullet?

May we presume?

Tanning beds, betting slips; abounding tax-free booty

Or sat on your arse whiles comprehending OMMM

Flannel to flatter one’s temperament’s abuses

Spill boredom’s runes

Avoidance that thinks to exorcise thoughts coming home

On what on earth the world I’m chewing here

Bailing out cares by way of taking payday loans

On peace of mind

Pillows for peoples; prognostication’s padding

Suffocates upstart wrigglings in designer brains

Defers to rebuff this stuff to a level arm away:

Its demons duel

Ah, them who must not be named, lest instigated,

Furies and Fates whose panniers chock with bones

Roar burning octane fetching fears on sedentary


Little if else shall alter than the suite’s surroundings

Heart rate, blood-sugar, response to stimuli,

Undergo no sea-changes; let the chambers loom;

They haul so sudden

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