Seeing Further

October 30, 2019

I looked into the glass of Handel's glittering eye

Speculation there resounds abounds alas-and-sigh,

Astounding gaude adoration imputes a pious joy

The vinyl record plays: I am a much-loved cuddly toy

  Uplofted to the stars, to towered delights am driven

All nations in the earth spread out a score before me

Greatly pre-empted in such reach, nor torn or tempted lowly,

One that had gone this route before had made the going glory  

The music poured and powered; nobly, globally derayed

A something subtle-gentle, a mind's subliminal esplanade,

I saw my Saviour on a cross, hung woefully arrayed

And then, by God, Ancient of Days, enthroned in Paradise

  Gilded Messias' musicks cling;enthused my mood succumbs

This tawdry guy here's canopied, possessed on fruit's fair hung

Handel and I best buddies, blokes by predilections bonds

Enjoined in votive voice; his marvels circle round and on  

An orchestra, a choir, a cloud of lyric solo verses,

All punctuated faultlessly purveying liquid choices

Snowing ardent cadences, once spare, then sometime racy

Declaring power, exactitude, make magic rooms palatial

  Tight towering exhalations air encomia, baseline calls

Break expectations here, begin a flowering, timid, small

Graced Presence sets a table, welcome hands take savoury salt

Its savour never lost, then iterated in this sort:  

Our Saviour Christ is risen; - in an instant a way assumes

Pervades, invades insightfully, scrapes under-table crumbs -

A palpitation follows, stuns, benumbs, and deadens limbs

A force more real, unfettering, than the fruits of labour sends  

Methinks I see into a taper-tailing inquiry

A kickshaw bounded, bandied in, about, my boggled brows:

One big concern - not sitting well with esperance of faith

Craves sweet concession open up Christ's highest imperial palace  

Brim full in utter holiness, aglow withouten spot

His concourse huge, unscaleable, indefeasible motte

Unable to come close to, ramparts, ports, nor stand the sight

Their sweetness unassailable, matchless, of single right

  A mine indeed, and mine for excavations fathomless

An inexhaustible close-crammed surround of verity

Rich pools, fantastic pearls untold, each packet opal, priceless

And fish enough to fix prolific feasts would astound Cambyses

  So strong and imperturbable, betides a new thought gentle

His generously emancipating Grace

Unbearable, a bidding love affectionately fierce

And smiting in high honour, broad and fell, lays faultless kiss  

His featly kindlinesses, none can approach them, naither bear;

And nerves perturb me, curb me - my iniquity is here -

I could not else but bow, allow, and pray a dumb remission

Sillily stood uncertainly sought purge of breach, omission

  I never saw or bore like creature visions ever before

Something that in-with made its reach, and raked me aft to fore

Alive aware and so éclair that no gainsaying would spare it

I was taken like Isaiah (in my little way) in spirit

  Although no hot coal wiped my lips with fire-cleansing sanction,

But blessed and muddled among men, anon commended mention

Of all my friends, their fraught diurnal courses, sheared intentions,

In that quick hour I took what could of Holy interventions  

My family, and every person events had lately impressed

My crowded consciousness, I passed them on full ardently,

I know He will give blessing …. then! ...the telephone gave shout,

I sprang to life arrested, visions westering, turned about