Seek ye first...and all other things shall be added unto you

December 18, 2020

The Christ’s Salvation’s here!

But on a shoal so far from call the honours rolls of men

There mere majesticfeelgood, harboured, laboured, self-regard

Chairsstirrup-pumpprofessors in high-table exhalations,

Encodings of impaired career constructs superfluously

Amixed matrix assembly of unsorted twits

A propriety of landfill anaerobic Pickwick peers

Verbalise, stare-out, parrot-prate, contentions

Sideswiping near alumni

Throwing up spinning-plates, contestant, argumental

Trending on closet, in-the-loop, astute significations,

Swats that go popping potshots threadbare in their stand-up brawls

Cliques who would break-out clout, invective, so to have estate

FacetiousLebensraum aufturf

Where weathervanes sway circuit reputations. Sage they gather

Pacing long corridors where’s no free egress,

Mirage of architectural spectral doors,

And choking, guttering motors seize to lock-up escalators

In an undemolished building; rubble stood in-waiting

Dust smothers aspirations, swarms, intimidates the breath

Decisions are passed by; classed as interim evaluation

Swathe dissertations inundate, exasperate, obtuse

The caste here in hundred-thousands, vitriolic, quarrelling

Cluster them under command-economy proclamations

Cultural ambience carries off mum directive governance

Insinuations’ rigours are written-through each wheedling text

Violently moral voices, plenary magisters of vigil;

Cordon-off, handcuff; then, seemly, robust, make execution

Gentlemanly guillotinings come off softly-softly slick,

Cuttings that purge the unaccommodative.

In chorus at combat, chanting, catechising, all the day,

To compass, exegete, a freak post-modernist broke Britain

Vying at crying up common stock of tortured sentences

Lauding by discords; cocksure ornamental crack commanders

Of the unopinioned thought-bemused, no-good unvaccinated,

But though to whom might else such lost ones cling? - the holy Jesus knows -

And yet they stack their capitals, the lot; one spin, three lemons

Awaiting a salvation come, chase loudly vaunting sorts