October 07, 2020

Free-expression – indulgence of the self?

Wherever lines are drawn between they couldn’t be farther south

The monographs attest to trust a self-interest hamartia

The footlights, the charisma, front of house big yammer

A proud declaimer; ostentatious manner

Whose name, the same the subject matter, designate

For one begun on such a theme there is no other

As falling rain incessantly hits pitter-patter

Revolves she fitful claims to worlds in fictive fervours

A racquet hurled across a court’s a signal further

Subborners corner sequestrating greater common ground

Whose embolisms of the will surfeit and clutch and gather

As hoist mechanic grabs tear out a virgin earth

As vaunting racer, grace dissimulating, takes them on the curve

Consuming byword rhetoricks give out their storyboards

Expression: when free bloodrush flushes, rushing roses spread

Uplifting energising; gone inevitably to the head

And spirit-level balance discombobulates to-a-tee

The conversation’s only topic - it’s mandatory me