April 17, 2018

With all the world intent on holding up its side

Encouraging pendant citizenries hop-on, implement the ride

Nor wonder can free remain to hear a natal child who cries:

“I am the future; foretold to me, my due estate

Along with decisions, preconditions, custom shall create

All for goodwill or ill; too soon - also too late”

Hear the time’s arbiters complicate dispute and temporise

Alarms and a long distraction their adroit commodities

Taking from generous action to give to specious maladies

Hard fast a limpet righteousness abeyant roots

Ignored, until forgotten, asessed a passed-up power obtuse

Offset at angles only as another fierce excuse

Imperial melee and tangle comes between blithe elementals

Hides conscious knowledge of irene’s destination central

Permitting human interchanges, captives playing pinball

Roulette whose moves professors grope at light denied

Without connect their peoples waft, drift on the tide

Events charades declare them breathing animae possessed

Wipe off the sheet, remove the score, scrape strifes away

Cover this chaos, give to extentsion vaster sway

Under a joinder scrub these smarts, degrade their grey

Resolve grists to their nothings, grind griefs smooth, allay

Plough for the heart’s endearment, farm familial joy

Person-to-person actualise, in coming-to, to ply

A way into the centre where all things emerge alive

Inhabit, drawn rest on, flourish, in due measure mint and tithe

Assured in a love above, beyond, and among presides