Sleepers Awake!

January 03, 2018

Truly random needs abandon’s liberty

Outer space grace to spree whereso it list

Like The Holy Ghost - Agree? Perhaps? Maybe?

A pattern may reveal itself, admissive, free

Of right delight to man’s dyed hands; fit symmetry

Of beauty, movement, as a magic lantern moves

May address us everywhere both youth and old

So keep us guessing on a blessing; poke us who

Plod; conferring in among us, groping, hope

For God

So aids and so abets how Holy Writ perturbs,

A pregnant mystery in us, spars forth bidding light

Flooding on every part of nature, sense, in variant hues

As were this life a softly walking dreamer’s shoes

This glorious world an umbra and a token show

From the sweet leaf grubbing to photosynthesise

To seashell scavengers of lidless blinded eyes

And you and me, we are all alike commensurate

All features among a sum of unaccountables

Flowering rare carnelian moments appassionata

Then fallen away and spent right soon and casually

Failed, as the snail or whale, or other casualty;

Hello, welcome forever, in one way or another -

And what of the ride, if all transpire a trite peremptory blether?

And what of pride of place in the creature race, and cabaret

By which we twist out livings, duck and decoy-dive

Junking a jive on typecast roles theatrically

Borrowing costume here and there, selectively

Stockading a self by fortified arrangements

As seeking this, or favouring that, as suits

The pressing moment’s direful need rules, intercedes

Takes root, resides, staying conscious for a day

Whereon circumstance or conscience makes its qualm away

Ousts and reroutes importance; bidding in a ray

Of newly wanton whim to enter in and overtake,

Hold fast, make absolute, and smartly aggregate

Into a brother set of brute, impressive, urgencies

And our sometime yester-likes get sent to sea

Beyond the shores of mind, emolliently

Posted abroad, on idle errands to Mingulay,

Their not having been strong players really, after all

Lo, hark, hear the cuckoo’s singing with its coaxing brawl

Barking at ears; sequestering about our garden wall;

All laden bearing worms of fattest turn and taste;

True Top-Team-Players’ schemas; soaring Andean wastes

To climb, ascents to conquer, ever greater zests,

Reseating the fabled goalposts, as the Top-hole Team behests,

Taking on ever greater heists of brass conviction

Hot of desire to want the best, to wish that Fire Promethean

Fulfil all that it can do, and so, convenience sets to rights

A middling life’s entirety – charade and business-fest

So claim, command, attest, explain perdie,

Sell sympathetic soft-sold goals inexorably

Cast so that every waking soul should clamber on

A listing bandwagon of Pandemonium

Their creed who best admire dissemblance most effectually

Fastidious of feature, singing, dancing, all-in-one

Helping the short attention span endure acute boredom

Barrowfulls of invented casuistry

Shed loads of ventilated insincerity

Consume them with a will whom lowdown dope consumes,

Contented when ingested by Alhambric buzzword-sheens

Taken-in, and sweet-talked, by a spangled dancing queen

By a brokerage factotum, or a sugared popinjay,

Patinas spread suggestion, in the freest unconscious way,

You have here in your hand the very navel of the world

Do you gaze on inwardly, behold, as self’s unfurled

Before your witness eyes all germens stand disclosed

So new, must-have; a reach that beats the common cold

In incidence among the households of Uzbekistan

More recondite than toasts for absent friends

Beyond besondeheit a Nietzsche insight lends

Is it for frips like these that men and women breathe, survive;

Alive in their honeyed homesteads wrapped, the busied hive

As worker bees, ant soldiers, trapped, somewhat disconsolately

And something stultified?

Do this believe

Conundrum wonders wander chastely by your leaves

Glide by you pungently; awake anew, perceive

Unquestionably unquenchable, rare, stout, outliers

Here pours more sumptuous possibility

Over above closed-curtain nights’ TV celebrity

Withholding you, your measure, stealing undiscerningly;

What of, instead, attend, hear suddenly, angels singing?

Clear giddy flights of golden choirs Salvatore mundi bringing