Snow Poem

December 23, 2017

Snow better now than it’s ever been for Santa Claus

S’now celebrated as if - was that the birth of God??????

Snow wise-men nowadays; and presents shift so quickly roughly-shodd-

Y goods the most part; ….and the people revel just because…..

Snow teaching nowadays in sundry ways of God

S’now time of day and man His story takes a nod

Whether in California dreamins, or by Liebestod

Snow celebration comes as close to have got downgrade

S’now that there’s dearth of understanding of God’s giving pains

Snow education, init? only leftovers,

Snow gravitas solempnity, nor gorgeous higher praise

Marking occasion; thankyous done in semaphore

S’now only snows and grottoes, chocolate reindeer, children’s fun

Even the odd crème egg and a very mercenary hot-cross bun

Disneyland winter breaks s’now God accommodates ad hoc

Book on His movie channel, illumined Pearly Gates, the lot

It’s a time now’s snow-go letting up consuming

Jingles insistent ring bells press you out to shop,

Selling appassionata grubbings; and beware there’s snow last drop

For the nation’s sake; or a goodly citizenship impugning

Joseph’s alpaca spread prinks in a tinctured soft magnolia

Betrothal gift immaculate; Madonna she approves

Snow snows to need throws in Bethlehem – and yet it’s all the holier:

The mysterious ways in which god possession moves!

Snow point in banging-on this way; s’unChristmassy

Snow matter what salute, December stays the same

A month of abundance, foreign fruit gift-wrapped with loving pains;

Which smacks it constitutes our Lord God’s Nativity